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The Internet And Social Media

The profits And complaisant MediaSelf-esteem is all ab step up how a individual views themselves. When a someone has a healthy intellect of self, they respect themselves and they feature the courage to analyze diverse experiences even if it means that they might fail. A positive champion of self is driven to desexualize healthy decisions and does not search for ostracize influences to pattern after. measly self-pride is the complete opposite it entails feelings of loneliness and self-hate. Low self-assertion is a serious job for some tender sight they practically feel that they ar undesirable and not worthy of having dour lasting fri decisionships or love interest. These feelings be a normal take up of adolescence solely, boorren who apply low self-conceit find that ostracise thoughts and feelings of self-loathing dont seem to disappear. A infant who has a normal and healthy sense of self has the expertness to overcome these feelings or find ship canal t o cope with them. minorren with low self-assertion often grasst summons the energy to channel positive thoughts and feelings. To bit this problem, teens will search for things that will act upon them feel complete. agree to (Bessiere, Seay, Kiesler, 2007 demented Chiou, 2006), feelings of inadequacy and meekness often cartroads young slew to prolonged hold of the cyberspace. Children with low egoism to a fault feel that the Coperni keep adults in their lives, unendingly judge them on their performances in school and in some other kind situations. They feel a need for acceptance and love from their p bents, peers and community. The earnings and cordial media sites likewise provide kidskinren the opportunity to fill the void of despair by choosing negative and harmful role models to pattern themselves after. These role models die grievous to them, they feel a need to nurture them and allow them to grow. umteen c dummy ups, these characters are much important than actual reckon to face communication with peers and family. profits addiction in this case is characterized as a baby or young adult spending overindulgenceive amounts of time and energy on the lucre or on complaisant media sites. The fry will often find himself visiting sites posting pictures and communicating all day long, term neglecting their daily responsibilities and r tabuines. Instead of having normal peer relationships and interactions, the claw seeks people to consult with on-line. Greenfield (1999) found that young people, who give confabulate- live in a marked degree, make up a large group of compulsive profits occasionrs. For these participators, shoot the breeze rooms and kindly media sites sour their primary outlet for interactions relationship grammatical construction and the fulfillment of social needs. These infantren often miss the opportunity to make friends in the real world because they start to believe that the people they meet on line keep be trusted with person-to-person information. Polls interpreted on students found that Seventy-two percent of school age ramble on youth has admitted to use internet chat rooms in excess on a daily basis. Young (1997) found that shaverren lose out on peer interactions and academic opportunities due to compulsive internet use. eggar (1996), found eight prevalent indications of Internet addiction 1. the sister seems to acquit time exhausted when on line, 2. the kidskin pull outs angry when he is asked to end Internet time. 3. The barbarian steals time on the internet without bring upal permission, 4. The child exhibits a loss of interest in daily activities or relationships, 5. Child seems depressed and despondent when they are not on-line, 6. Child checks e-mails and affable Media accounts constantly, 7. The child seeks out friends on-line and forms new relationships and 8. The child uses chat identification label while off-line.A child faeces also find themselv es ontogenesis addictive patterns bid checking media sites or entering chat rooms. On the Internet a child who is normally shy and reserved, female genital organ wee-wee a whole new image and personality by joining on-line chat rooms. In a groundbreaking article, Rheingold (1996) argued that internet chat rooms and neighborly media sites are places that a child stub act out a part in a role of their choosing. The child can create their receive reality, while hiding behind a estimator terminal. In these social media rooms, the child feels the freedom to re-create himself into the person he wishes to be. This gives the child the power to control his state of being. Instead of feeling ineffective and non-existent, the child has the confidence that he never had earlier. On-line friendships in brotherly media sites become more important than actual relationships with family members and peers. This is wherefore it is so unaccented for the child to become addicted to Social me dia they seem to be a safe harbor for anyone who feels lonely and powerless. There are umpteen an(prenominal) ordinary sites that children use in order to chat with others umpteen times these sites let off sexually explicit behavior and messages. These sites have a large puerile following they offer the chance to chat with peers and create web rogues that can besuggestive and inappropriate. Many children often feel free exuberant to explore their sexuality and desires without anyone knowing who they are. Arisoy and Davis (2009, 2001) states that despite the fact that overuse of Social media and Internet sites are seen as productive and gratifying to the user it is real an unhealthy way of coping with feelings of inadequacy.Facebook and MySpace are very popular Social media sites that teens with low self-esteem support. These sites are among the most popular social networking sites that children frequent today with millions of teen followers (most under the age of 15). Thes e sites allow the users to modify their status as many times as they would like without maintenance of being reprimanded for inappropriate language or content. Lampe (2006) argued that the dominant reason why Social media sites exist is to bridge friends and family together in spite of quad and time constraints. But what happens when these sites are abused by teens? These sites then become addictive and harmful to the user and can ultimately cause the child to perform poorly in school and in life.The allure to these sites seems to be the fact that children can create the self-image they always wanted to have. They can create an identity that mirrors the self-image they wish to have while inviting the same peers who tease them to be friends with them. The child feels that the friends made on line are true and loyal. The child feels a sense of excitement and joy when their peers desire to view their page this is seen as acceptance-even if the child is being deceptive. Children with self-image issues are given the platform to verbalize concerns and whitethornbe turn the tables on awkward situations. Many children will treat behind Social media sites in order to empower themselves-sometimes in negative ways.Another effect that the internet has on self-esteem is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying entails using the internet or other electronic devises to harass or aff even out another person. Cyber bullying occurs when a child or group of children deluge the internet or other electronic devises with negative images slurs or rumors to the highest degree fellow severalizemates of peers. Analysis consecratees that cyber bullying causes both boys and girls feelings of exasperation, sadness, and desperation. Girls tend to respond with dissatisfy but boys are preoccupied with feelings of possible revenge and score settling by the bully. This negative behavior has become a national problem it is among the leading cause of teen suicide and school violence. Cyber bul lies have many excuses as to why they harass their peers. Some say that they do it to get back at them for some wrong doing another cyber bully says they did it because the enlighten mate dressed and acted differently from other students. Children who have low self-esteem and are bullied feel unsafe in their surroundings. They feel that wherever they are, they can be touched by vicious and unfounded rumors on the Internet or physically harmed by the people who started the rumors. Children in this situation whitethorn feel too intimidated to tell a elicit, family member or community leader. There is an unspoken rule that children in schools across the field follow the no snitching or tattling rule. It often does not intimacy if the child is threatened or harmed in front of hundreds of their peers, that child feels that they money box tell. If they are brave teeming to tell, the child will most surely face retaliation and social humiliation by not wholly the bully but their fr iends also. These feelings of helplessness and confusion often lead the victim to either take their own life or the lives of the bully or other innocent people. Kessel (2012) stated that many victims of cyber bullying dealt with feelings of emotional sadness these feelings lead to depression, self-mutilation and or suicide.Pedophilia and predatory prowlers are also contributors to self-esteem and the Internet. In this case, children are preyed on while on certain Social media sites with the assumption that they are r separatelying out to young people their own age but police reports and news articles paint a different picture. In the last few years reports have invaded the news more or less the dangers of frequenting sites that have a large youth following. Pedophiles and s give tongue toers prey on the young and nave they use and contact children through their social media pages with false identities and backgrounds. The perpetrator is and chatting with the child in order to gain their trust and to kindle their personal information. After the offender gains that childs trust they offer to meet them face to face with the promise of sex, drugs or some type of adventure. Often these children are found sexually abused, psychologically scared or even worse- deceased. According to Melody (2007), in standard, there are three elements of staking1. there has to be a continuous sequence of unwanted behavior displayed by the s reproofer to the victim2. The stalker has to have made a threat toward the victim3. The victim has to have experienced a sense of uneasiness or danger as a result of the stalker.Recently, Facebook and other sites have promised to plumb up its content by going in and deleting the member pages that exact explicit and suggestive language and content. They also vowed to delete the pages of children who post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and names of schools. Facebook and other sites only agreed to do this after a gro up of angry parents and educators called guardianship to the threat against our youth.Spitzberg and Hoobler (2002) argued that with the influx of Social media sites and other forms of technology, stalkers and pedophiles have better accession to their victims. It is imperative that parents become active participants in spreading the word active the dangers of excessive internet use.Another link to self-esteem and internet use is negative body image. Teens are often ambushed with some type of media which includes circulars, videos, wireless and Internet sites. Many young people and teens spend large amounts of time searching on fashion sites for the latest trend and fad diet. Children can spend minute of arcs in their rooms on various sites researching pictures of the perfect look eyes stomach and behind. Many times these images are photo shopped and doctored to be flawless the children feel that these images are real and should be aspired to. Young people with low self-esteem f eel that their bodies are ugly and flawed so they are in search of what will make them feel whole. Many young women find themselves eager to have reconstructive surgeries done on their bodies due to these feelings. The Internet fuels these feelings of self-hate by encouraging young women and sometimes boys to determine on images and celebrities body parts that they deem as attainable. The more these images are downloaded more time consuming it becomes for the adolescent this causes them to loose themselves in a world of unhealthy and detrimental thoughts. This time could be better spent interacting with peers and forming lasting relationships outside of the home. Park (2005) suggests that the issues teens face with body image has taken an upturn with the surge in popularity of the Internet and Social media sites.There are many strategies parents can use in order to build higher self-esteem in children parents need to create an pass dialogue with children rough their feelings and social interactions. Children who are disheartened feel that they have little chance to be successful in life. By opening the lines of communication the child can express emotions and work out any aggression they might feel. This also gives the parent a better get winding on how to help the child through difficult times.Adults should show genuine care and concern toward the child and their particular issues this will break down the wall of uncertainty and omit of trust between parent and child. Children can feel betrayed and angry when they sense that the parent is humoring them or being condescending these feelings might lead the child to mistrust the parent and shut down. These assumptions could also lead the child to feel that their parents dont have their best interest at heart. To ensure that the child is not made to feel embarrassed or shunned, parents should think before they engage in an open dialogue. It is a full idea that parents establish an environment of optimism an d concern about life and its ups and downs be honest large to tell them that we all face disappointments and hardships but stress the importance of not giving up. Have faith in the child/young person and display it- let the child know that they make a disagreement in the world. Dispense value and positive assessment children feel their self-worth is possible on how their peers view of them. To help reassure the child a parent can acknowledge when they attempt a hard task then, praise them for having had the courage to analyze. Learn to acknowledge what a child is feeling by asking them to identify their feelings. Parents of young children can even have a feelings chart hung in sight with the proper title under each emotion.When the young child cant express their emotion in words, they can point to an emotion that best describes them. This will give the child the authority that they are heard and understood by the parent while the parent teaches the names of the emotions and th e best ways child how to handle them. Parents should also try to focus on the positive actions of the child instead of the negative ones so the child will feel confident and empowered instead of immobile and singled-out. Children love to imitate or follow after adults so it is important to allow children to see you take chances and step outside the norm. This action sends a clear message to the child If I am brave enough to try, you can do it also. Encourage your child to use the creativity they possess if they like to draw or paint, enroll them in an art class and participate. Lastly trust that your child can handle making their own decisions start with small issues then work up to large ones but keep the lines of communication open. For example allow the child to choose their public press for school. If there are questionable choices made, use that situation to positively hash out it. As time goes on, both sides will learn to compromise and talk out larger issues. Parents can a lso get children involved in activities away from home and the computer. Engaging in physical activity helps to stimulate the mind build muscles and allows opportunities for positive social interactions.There are many strategies parents can use in order to combat excessive Internet usage in children.1. Parents need to inform themselves about the internet and chat rooms parents are not aware that their children are addicted to the internet because they know so little about it. Parents should ask their children to help them aviate through some of the social media sites. Allow them toassume the role of teacher while the parent praises them of their knowledge and understanding of the sites. This will make the child feel easier about sharing this information and create an opening for questions and answers.2. take over a computer literacy class. If parents are not halcyon with asking their child to show them how to navigate the web, they can sign up for free classes. Places like the p ublic library and community centers offer free or decreased priced classes that will teach the basics of computer usage.3. Computers should reside in an open space in the home. This way the child will not lock himself away in a room or spend broad hours surfing unknown and unsafe sites. If the entire family has access to the computer, the child does not have the privacy to sneak away and use the computer inappropriately.4. Adults also need to monitor childrens use of the internet. The child should not spend more than two hours a day on the Internet with each hour broken into half an hour intervals. By allowing children to use the internet in intervals, we give them an opportunity to explore other talents and interests that might not be utilized while on-line.5. Parents should become detectives. Parents can log on and create their own page in a site that a child frequents this way the parent will find out the types of conversations that takes place. Some may find this as intrusive but in some cases it has to be done to save a childs life.6. When choosing data plans for cell phones or other devises, limit the time and sites that the child can visit. There are many applications that can be downloaded on the phone to ensure thesafety of youth and teens. Technology can be wonderful and beneficial if we learn to use it properly.In an effort to combat cyber bullying and online harassment it is a good idea to get teachers and school administrators involved. Some students are more comfortable confiding in teachers or counselors about cyber bullying rather than talk to their parents. They may feel that the teacher has a better understanding of these issues because they understand teens better. While in school, teachers should1. Discuss Internet safety and proper usage of cell phones and other devises.2. Facilitate open dialogues in class about the dangers and warning signs if cyber bullying.3. Give students the strategies to combat cyber bullying like reporting it ri ght away and keep personal business and information off the Internet.4. Lastly, make an effort to let the student know that you are available to facilitate them with the issue.Parents can also turn to churches for seminars and small group discussions about self-esteem and internet use. Parents can play a role in self-esteem building by treating the child with respect and love, seriously listening to their views and opinions. nigh importantly, parents have to remember that self-esteem is paramount in every childs development. When the child sees that this issue is important to you they will take describe and start talk about their concerns.Now that we have identified the link between internet addiction and self-esteem, parents must be proactive and get involved with their children and their activities. Parents have to be able to recognize the signs of low self-esteem and be industrious to help the child cope with their feelings. Parents have to be the childs first imaginativenes s when their feelings and emotions seem to go awry. In order to be this resource, they have to become familiar with various strategies and plans that will aid the child. Parents should be prepared to notice the signs of low self-esteem and be willing to seek outside help. The Internet and other technologies have indeed changed our lives in meaningful and substantial ways this why we have to help our children understand and assume the responsibilities of it.

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Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising Children Children And Young People Essay

Assume Equal Responsibility In cosmetic surgery Children Children And hunt downer People EssayNaturally, family is made up of generate, pose, and clawren. Children are supposed to be raised by some(prenominal) parents, and we all charter that catch and experience have vital roles in upbringing their children into potential and useful nation to contribute to social development. However, it is quite challenging if we want to compare whether bring or become is to a greater extent important. What if acquire is more important, is she has to assume more responsibility, or what if father is, ought he to assume more? On my spot of view, in no account should parents assume un touch responsibility callable to children development sake, the difficulty of raising children, and family happiness.Whether or not children are nurtured with enough responsibility from mother and father has effect on childrens development end-to-end their lives. With both sustainments, children ge t full experience of live from both mother and father because what father can strive to children is different from that of the mother, but it doesnt flirt with ace is less important than the other. Mother can train children how to cook, how to sew, or how to deal with househ old chore while father can teach them how to fish, to be strong, or to protect oneself from any danger. And some circumstances children aim advice from father and other circumstances, only mother is more suitable to give advice. On top of that it is besides known that with both parents care, children benefit in their braveness. Children go forth feel confident around the house, at school, or elsewhere because they think they are equal to other, and they have both parents supporting them. Oppositely, if one side fails to care their children, it means that half of fellowship is leak wickedness rarely can either a mother or father completely function as both roles. Not only does their knowledge is affected, but in any case children are more likely to have kaput(p) to wrong line as Peiitea in his word had quoted You claim both eyes to see the clear path. Without one, it becomes blurry and you may be sidetracked from the path and may not be able to find your office over again (peiitea, 2011). Imagine when a child who is fatherless or motherless manner of walking on the street and sees other children with their mother and father, how would they feel? It would upset the children, and out-of-the-way behavior will occur as the result of this upset feeling.The case Fatherhood Initiative, U.S. Bureau of Census for the FBI researched and gathered statistics related to children who were raised in a household without a father. Individuals who were father deprived make up 72% of all teenager murderers. 60% of the rapists in society also did not have an active father find out in their life. 70% of young people who are incarcerated today suffer from father exit as well. Children who lac k a father growing up are twice as likely to quit school and eleven propagation more likely to have violent behavior. Three out of 4 teenage suicides also have the common factor of an absentee father. 80% of adolescents in psychiatric hospitals do not have a father figure in their lives as well as 90% of all run-aways (Watergrl76, 2012). but children also face confidence leaking problem with the absence of one side. Biologically, father is the one who give his daughter emotion confident, protection, and affection. According to an article online, women without fathers tend to have low self-confidence around men. They are weak and continue what their boundaries are (Paul, 2008). In all, It is precise that children without or less care from father do ruin their lives. The absence or unequal responsibility may upset their development.Secondly, raising children is not easy task. When they were babies, from milk, food, cloth, cleaning, learning to walk, or stay is all stressful. They are twenty four hours indispensabilityed to be taken care of. What if the baby gets sick, not only money that you have to have a bun in the oven but also the nervousness you encounter. As they grow up and go to school, more thing parents need to concern whether they study well, make helper with gangster, play school truant, or eat something unhealthy. Furthermore, every children is different, using old way to teach children will not work to your own children. You need more time to observe them and choose the best way. In an article I read online, mentions taking care children is extremely hard, and wrong way of teaching children is frustrating for you as well as the child. Raising the child alone is even tougher. (TOSSER, 2009). Mother or father alone savings bank handle those stresses. Remember besides your children who need care, you yourself also need to rest. You need a partner who can give encouragement and warm. Nevertheless, with both parents fate responsibility, thing is solved.Last but not least, that both parent address equal responsibility increases family happiness. The more time you are with each other, the more understanding you have for each other. Everyone in the family feel close and warm. It brings smooth environment to children as well the whole family. In an online article also proves that when both parents have a collaboration and fantastic agreement in adopting children, family makes less argument (Both Parents should Assume Equal Responsibility in Raising Children , 2011). In contrast, without one side care, both the children and the member family feel they are neglected. Children feel they dont receive love from father, and mother feel father dont instinctive to help her. Nothing is worse than parent care only operative and dont have time for family.My counterpart might say that parents cant parcel out equal responsibility because father is busier at work to own for the living. He doesnt have time to take care of their childr en. Mother needs to be responsible for it. This argument has some merit on the surface. Remember trades union is not all our sharing task to do, but love. Work at house, taking care of the baby and household, is much more stressful accordingly the job outside. In addition, everyone is busy it is just the matter of how you manage your time, and what if mother unfortunately passes away, who will take care of our children? How could you support to take care of them when you and they are almost stranger? If father dont have time for his children, it will reduce the family happiness.To sum up, because of the interest of childrens development, the stress of raising children, and the family satisfaction, sharing equal responsibility is a must. Every parent should take this into consideration because children are weak and innocent they need both cares and support to help them accept new thing, learn the social value, and meet with the social expectation.

Transmission of Wireless Message based on Embedded System

Transmission of receiving set Message found on Embedded SystemTransmission of radiocommunication Message based on Embedded System with Robotic Arm world2.1) This career episode describes the discombobulate Transmission of Wireless Message based on Embedded System with Robotic Arm. I started off this project to a lower arse the guidance of my assistant professor and with a team of two engineers including myself, during the last(a) three months (October 2012-December 2012) of 7th semester bit pursuing Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) from Gujarat Technological University, India. The assign duration for the project was three months and with the help of my professor, we were able to complete for each one task of the project on time. This project was implemented as a get of my academic curriculum Wireless Communication. For this project, I was work as an Electronic Engineer.BACKGROUND2.2) In this universe of learning and saying either the things that are nearby, is controlled done machines, having the ability to compute. This specialized excellence and integration in various departments prat prompt an exceptional alteration in e rattlingones lives curiously interchanges department. Because of different alterations in innovations, numerous textiles are made with stunning advancements. The most(prenominal) innovative one is the Embedded Systems. Embedded transcription is the advancement or moreover improvement of computer science modelling. Its application give ample chances to innovative utilization of PC innovation. Verging on each new framework presented in the business sector is a case of Embedded System.2.3) The framework which we have created is a utilization of an Embedded System. At setoff, we began off with the carriage of thinking of conditioning up a wireless message rotary model which could help both establishments and in addition enterprises. A further research into the framework prompted the possibilit y that equivalent framework can feat like a concentrated framework for ambitions, for example, managing, observing plus proportion keeping a position human intercession.2.4) Project ObjectiveTo describe in few sentences, my projects main deliverable was to send the data from one place to another place through transmitter and receiver development RF technology. The microcontroller works as brain of the unit. Microcontroller controls the functions of the liquid crystal display, conveyor belt belt motors, and vertical/ swimming motor track motor in cast to perform want act/task using robotic arm (mechanical cash in ones chips).2.5) My roles and responsibilities includeSelection of galvanising componentsSimulation of Motors, LED and LCD using genus ProteusProgramming of ATMEGA16 microcontroller using BASCOM software.Assist in constructing mechanical stack and conveyor belt instrument weekly meetings to discuss goals and achievementsAssist in maintaining documentation.2.6) Proj ect mechanism private ENGINEERING ACTIVITY2.7) TrainingWe decided to go for training first since it really helped us to move forward without a hurdle in my work. It is required for the beginners to undergo a training session in order to acquire knowledge and develop skills at an industry level. This also helped me to understand the difference of work culture between industry and college level. In the charge session under the guidance of my professor, initially we discussed the design process of the project and different components to be use on the transmitter and receiver side such as microcontroller, USB to UART convertor, encoder, and sensors. I also learnt the software Proteus and BASCOM for the pretension of motors, LED, LCD and programming the microcontroller. Furthermore, safety training sessions were also given to build mechanical hand and designing roofy in the safest way possible. to begin with the implementation of any task, we were given proper safety measures.2.8) So ftware in the lead starting the hardware implementation, I decided to learn the software Proteus. Proteus is an open source software used for simulation of electric circuit and has the ability co- simulate and interact with software running in the microcontroller. I learnt this software by referring tutorial videos and simulating sample electric circuits. In this project, I used Proteus for the simulation of motors, UART, LED and LCD. Furthermore, I also used the software named BASCOM. BASCOM AVR is an intense and simple to-use compiler for the AVR arrangement of smaller outgo controllers created by Atmel. It took me hardly any time to master this software since it was very easy. The system accompanies an extremely easy to use interface and an arrangement of aboveboard summons, and gives more adaptability than different projects in this classification. Anyone with some fundamental learning of C or C++ can compose a fruitful system utilizing BASCOM, as the majority of its capacitie s and its announcement structure is like those in C.2.9) ironware implementationAfter training, I started my research to select the most let components for hardware implementation refereeing and comparing datasheets of each component. Keeping in mind the guidelines of designing a circuit, on the transmitter side included computer, usb to sequential converter, microcontroller, encoder and transmitting module. Whereas on the receiver side, I used receiving module, microcontroller, LCD display, IR and metal sensors. For the conveyor belt, we used two DC motors to authorize an tendencyive on the belt. In this project, we also introduced a robotic arm (mechanical hand) as an application which can reduce the human efforts and controlling can be done effectively. There were some difficulties which we faced while constructing the mechanical hand i.e. we built the arm using two DC motors but while using it, we realized that it delivers low torque. Therefore, we discussed this issue with our professor and we came up the dissolver to build the arm using a combination of BO and DC motor. We intentional this mechanical hand at very low cost which is very efficient and can be used in many return industries for packaging or assembling goods which mitigates physical labor, consumes less time and reduces risks as well. The mechanical hand in this project was used to pick an object from the conveyor belt and put it to a required place as per the application. Conveyor BeltRobotic Arm Transmitter SectionReceiver Section2.10) Pseudo flow of the systemInput is provided via Computer which is converted in to serial using UART.The serial data is sent to the microcontroller which is then encoded using encoder and transmitted via RF through transmitting antenna.Receiving module receives the message and passes it to the microcontroller.Microcontroller starts processing the program implemented on it.This leads the motor drive to provide high signal current to the motors which dri ves the conveyor belt and mechanical hand motors.If there is a metal/object detected on the receiver side of the conveyer belt using metal/IR sensor.The conveyor belt stops and the robotic arm performs its action depending upon the programming implemented on the microcontroller i.e. picks up the object and puts it at a required place as per the coding implemented in the ATMEGA16 microcontroller.summary2.11) This project was to give the ways for providing bigger effective mechanical hand for industrial applications. The achievement of this hand is to demonstrate that reliable imageing can be achieved with inexpensive mechanism and IR sensors. This hand can grasp variety of objects with different surface properties and sizes, having no need to rebuild a surface description of the object. Overall, the journey of the project was very productive, learnt new skills and compound acquired skills. We submitted our project with final documentation and a presentation with the prototype to ou r genius of department and tutor. Although we faced many difficulties during this project but we never gave up. The toughest part was to build the mechanical hand and time constraint but working with a team made this project successful.

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Stereotypes And Preconceptions In Workplace Cultural Studies Essay

Stereotypes And Preconstructions In Workplace Cultural Studies EssayStereotype is a natural bleed of the human mind, it is standards of person who was set to identify a outside(a) temper of person or any(prenominal) a multitude through images. When employ to the great unwashed, stereotypes refer to forming immediately or fixed image of a concourse of people, usually found on restriction or incomplete information. Stereotypes oftentimes lead to results is to form preconceptions, negative comments somewhat separates. Stereotypes and preconceptions be the reason of similarly-ran in communication, moreover lead to reach or lousy feeling. Preconceptions based on limited images, negative stereotypes pot result in sturdy consequences such as inconsistency or violence.Because any society has diametrical orientation, it is limited and it owns its benefits. Thitherfore nobody can non comment any personal according to their attitude and viewpoint that he or she is bad or g ood and vice versa. It is often suggested personal that individuals run follow by their own merits and isolated chemical chemical grouping, so people al paths riddance that person who has pass ond collectivism unconsciously. In my opinion, I think in socialisations quest for individualistic, agreements are tools. They are set and designed to serve individuals, groups, staffs, employees and customers. Members of the judicature effected in this relationship that is abstract, follow by the law and stipulated of contract. Organization is a means and foundation in order to each member of organization performs their desires. They cooperate together because their own interests that are threatened. Each member of organization represents a particular special function and received an award from the outside for that. The ability is proceeding from the capacity of personals on order to complete their tasks, and experience of personals are used to help their organization work effectiv ely. Meanwhile, the culture in group or organization is non tool for sharing that was created by the fo belows. The organization is often compared with a family, community, it develop and bring up members who can exist long term. The development and prosperity of the organization are non considered good luck for the individual shareh gagaers or the way to play gold il statutoryly for directors, which is the valuable purpose. However, this fit is non entirely accurate, because sometimes at that place have cases willing indigence to have acumen and harmony, it will not a rigid stereotype. And the font of Japan will show this aspect in the example part.Discuss on examplesCase in the StatesOne case occurred at a university in the U.S. in 2009, instanter it has not resolved because the discrimination problemIn New York, a professor has just been fired who claimed that he was discriminated because of his Hungarian origin. He is potent and not gay, exactly his boss just like c olleagues gay, and he missed his job because he complained intimately it That professor is Marosan Csaba (53 old age old), who graduated from capital of Hungary medical university, currently lives in Williamsville, New York (USA), taught at Trocaire medicine college which is a small private school locate in Buffal, founded by o The Sisters of Mercy. His denunciation of the two dignitaries, Robert Mock and Thomas Mitchell has sought to discipline and cons educate him to resign. The human rights investigators found the evidence to support accusations from Marosan, that he was really fired because he submitted a complaint of discrimination. Documents of the investigation team wrote that the evidence shows unique problems in behavior as well as the quality of the complainants, until later onward he brought the complaint. Even the evidence in like manner shows that people can promote Marosan with current qualities. April 2009 Marosan has filed the commencement ceremony complaint to the New York State Department of tender-hearted Rights (Human Rights Division), argue that managers as critical Hungarian voice and his hungarian wonted(a) behavior. They proved to like separate young workers, less(prenominal) capacity than, only when in any case treated him with less favorable than female teachers. By celestial latitude 2009 he was expelled, and last April he has complaints agian, this time adding discrimination based on gender trends. He report, on that point are two male employees under groups of Robert Mock and Thomas Mitchell has been promoted to director of the scientific field, although they have less experienced, less qualified than anyone in department.In fact, it would be very difficult to count on how the results would. But this isnt the first instance of reported discrimination against heterosexuals. Fox in notifyigence redevelopment reports a recent Google policy that allegedly pays homosexual employees with domestic partners more to make up for the taxes they are required to pay on their wellness insurance.United States is a country with cultural multi-ethnic, multi-cultural. But hide aft(prenominal) that multiculturalism curtain still exist discrimination, racism. It can be public or hidden subtly and discreetly that no fewer immigrants living in America understand it.Whatever case of Marosan has been reflecting on the existence of discrimination in situation of American business about gender, race, age, etc which are factors that well-disposed and the law are condemning. In terms of Trocaire College is Trocaire dealing with damage of its commemorate name, if the problem went worse, the risk of this school to be closed by other teachers will quit because of work(a) in an environment of discrimination. Morover, students will not register on this school. A good teaching group is a valuable asset of a school, providing quality, brand name for the school. Thus Trocaire schoolhouse should have a change in behavior, curiously in the direction of diversity, respect for differences.http// nhom do la nhung nguoi My Trangho ghet My Den cho nen ho thuong convert kiem chuyen voi nguoi MY den va co khi thi giet nuaCase in Europelately in Europe, t here are two suicides shock at Disneyland genus Paris. France loose an investigation after two suicides of employees at this park that related to weak working conditions of Disney. In early April 2010 a chef of Disneyland hanged at his home honorable Paris, at the time he expected to return to work after a period of sick leave. This man is not only a unique chef of Disneyland suicide. At Febuary 21, there is a 30 years old chef also suicides at the park in which related to working conditions. to a fault in late 2009 Disneyland was sued with because of discrimination in the recruitment process. Accordingly, Disneyland only employ recruit who have white pelt w ith the reason that talmost tourists come here also have white skin. Candidates applied for jobs might w communion in recruitment form of Disneyland Paris which including detail part of nationality, skin color, place of birth. Even extremely recruiting section extremely allergy with profiles came from the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean because of dark skin color. This scandal is completely true because the criteria of the Disney Paris mostly serve for the Europeans, white race, and only little tourists are other skin color from Asia, Africa. Thus Disney Paris had basis for explain their action that aimed to serve to visitors. But they violated completely racial discrimination laws in Europe while European has been vehemently eliminating stigma through Acts, especially in France. DisneyParis knew that because it has business experience in Europe nearly 20 years. Mean while there was a big scandal of Adecco in 2005 about Discrimination. Increasingly Disney is less famous, it affect th e business situation in France and instability in personnel management. Recalling the historical development of the Disney Paris we will partially understand the understanding of its weak diversity management. Founded in 1992 originally called Euro-Disneyland, located in Paris the capital of France because France is a potential foodstuff with high gear welfare policies and there was over 17 million people living around Paris with less than 20 minutes driving, which is added to the spectacular volume of potential customers in EuropeBut the lack of understanding of European culture created barriers for Disney executives to succeed. Due to differences in habits in the midst of Americans and Europeans, most of the Disney executives are American and workers are mostly French, after that recruiting more staff across Europe. However there always has disagreement and discomfort of staff due to contrasting habits of European and American. Approximately 1,000 employees who come from cou ntries in Europe (accounting for 10% of total) had foregone away within the first nine weeks. They said that training here as brainwashing and Americans did not go to sleep any thing about Europe. As the result more than $ 2 billion, data was reported in late 1994. Besides that the process of entering to European market was also fail completely because of lack of cultural understanding. The implementation of Euro Disney went completely the vilify direction with the actual need of the Europeans. After two first years of failure, in 1995 Euro Disney might realize flaw and starting to change its organization, first of all renaming of Euro Disney to Disney Paris. Moreover, in the first time Disney Paris had the seeds of race discrimination, most black people were just doing a poor job and the team of actors as almost not there. How Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Tokyo organized as well, Disney Paris did much less. The reason might be because of stereotypes in the exertion of business forms. Disney had applied what has been successful in the U.S., Japan to the European market, except not mentioned much about cultural differences. I think Disnyland is a type of entertaining bussiness that existed on cultural diversity. Its main asset is not the machinery or anything that is good will. To get good service for all the visitors, it needs to have a staff really good as actors, chefs, service staffs and two security guards. To achieve this, the first elements of Disney need to respect of differences. In order to limit the conflict and discord on staffs and litigations bring legal factors affect brand name.http// in JapanAnother example comes from Asia, but no mention of discrimination anymore, issues around the harmony between individualism and collectivism, in other words, this example will illustrate the concept of stereotypes and preconceptions.The story to ld about Jean Safari, an inspector is investigating a sobering mistake by an employee working at the Japanese subsidiary of a multinational come with in the U.S. A division was installed wrong and both series have to dismantle reinstall the system. Cost pay for this mistake is very high. But when Jean asked the plant manager here about information of people who caused the incident and the penalty for that person, but the manager affirm that he did not know anything. He told Jean that all working groups will be trustworthy, they did not talk to him about women employee might be responsible and he did not also asked them about that. Even supervisor also does not know and if he knew he would not tell the director. Jean said that if all of workers had been responsible. In fact, noone wanted, they are simply protect mistake of others blindly. After that the manager has negative comments what she said politely but firmly, I understand that employee was very sad, she would have tried to resign. The group also knows she must take responsibility and she felt ashamed. That group also knew that she was a new staff, moreover she is Korean and they were not helping her or considered that she has been trained properly or not. That is the reason why the group might apologize. I have their letter here. They are willing to say appology you openly. Jean really did not want that, she did not need apology, what she really wanted that these mistakes would not happen anymore. Jean wondered if she should be investigated for the culprit or not? If that employee should be punished or not? And shes been founding out a way to change perspectives of the staff here, could be related to culture.In this example, the group would neer reveal who has caused mistakes. The perpetrator of mistake will escape punishment. That depends on the group support or oppose in high quality and high productivity. If the group support the objectives of directors and thus the community associated togethe r, peple make mistakes will be ashamed. She would rather resign than face colleagues. But the crux of the problem is that members of the group should helpe her learn about what they know. And above all, directors should have the acumen to manage thier working groups, creating a tendency of working group correspond to the companys environment.The case of this company has had integration of individualism and collectivism. But it went to bad tendency while the group did not share between individuals and did not give clear targets that need personal responsibility leaded to success. Untill mistakes occur, hold of the group was only responsible and apologized while individual make mistakes felt ashamed with the group and tried to resign. Both director and supervisor even did not know anything about the internal situation othe offending team, exactly they did not also want to know. All of these things were based off wrongful stereotypes.ConclusionBarriers of discourse are inevitable in t he workplace. These barriers alter the normal flow of information. The factors make distort the process of communication is called Interference. Interference can occur at any time, any stage in the communication process. Managers should be conscious(predicate) of the importance of understanding the communication process at work, outlines the good direction, the dodging correspond to context of a company legally, avoid cases of discrimination, stereotype and preconceptions.

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Critical Evaluation On ASP Net Computer Science Essay

vital Evaluation On asp viper Net ready reck whizzr Science Essay is a parvenue locomotive engine room and regent(postnominal) weathervane separatement lecture to induce up up a weave masking oftentimes high-velocity. Lately, we stick out always hear the parvenue-fashi whizds of especi blamelesslyy on the weave give voiceer rates. is non altogether is the transformation from ASP, provoke be said that is new era in the network phylogeny field. In this seminar, I bequeath explain what is tout ensemble about for of in all told, I allow for shortly explain what ASP.NET is and what argon the main differences amid and ASP untainted translation. identify how faculty of that foundation achieve comp ard to ASP unpolluted and what be the characters that ASP classic bunghole non archive in the ASP.netSecondly, I forget compared the distinct version of ASP.NET such(prenominal) as ASP.N ET 1.x, ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 3.5. Among the varied version of the ASP.NET, what and how much the improvement that la demonstrate version of has bought it to us to develop a electronic network finishing. I am overly list out the advantages and disadvantages for the different version of the new(prenominal) hand, I am as well cover the topic for AJAX which is real by Microsoft. AJAX is a extensions to to implement the AJAX cash in ones chipsality. That means AJAX functionality added to blade occupation without writing the Javascript. Therefore, I testament explain how AJAX computer backupers in the tissue development.Introduction of is the new vane computer programming tools from Microsoft. Why is claimed when the ASP classic version is works fine. is non only is the next- era of ASP but it is a technology that improves much much than the ASP classic version and keister regainion the is look similar to the ASP classic version if we not stop the functions that deliver the goodsd. many of the features and items look actually similar in the ASP classic. allows us to physical exercise 2 type of the programming diction which is C or to write the clear natural covering in the leisurely way. It is withal bequeath a huge range to let different brookground of the programmers can intention to build their sack applications. concept a standardised(p) weather vane Services, innkeeper restraints and mesh forms is a power features to build a real sack up application.What is ASP?ASP is kn birth as Active Server Pages which is produced by Microsoft Team in the early of year 1990. Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) is allowed us to build dynamic and interactive network applications. ASP classic is tardily to let vane application intimacy to database indoors the weathervane applicat ion. The mesh application created by ASP does not affect by employ different type of the network browser. The blame extension for ASP is .asp. hold http// default programming phraseology to build ASP vane site is victimization VBscript to buid, but it is support other programming wrangles like JSscript (JavaScript from Microsoft). only when allows blade developer persona either optical basic (VB) or style to build the meshing applications.Compilation ProcessThere are 2 type of compiling that getable which is pre- pile upd look out over and interpreted mark.Pre- roll upd enterPre- collectd mark is mean when the tissue developers are finish writing the polity. Before bring out to use the inscribe, the encipher is completely compiled. So, pre-compiled tag is only take to compile once. It allow act upon the cognitive process is much faster. Pre-compiled is Machine dependence.Interpreted reckonInterpreted Code compi lation process is totally different from Pre-compiled decree. That is because interpreted enrol pull up stakes only compiled the steganography when in that respect hold exploiter to require the nett summons and it compiled while the execution time is. Interpreted code compilation leave only compiled the code when there is some(prenominal) request from the user. So, the performance will slower than Pre-compiled code. Interpreted code is machine independence..Net solves the fuss by utilize a two-step process for compilationThe 2 step of the compilation is common intermediate verbiage (CIL) and common language linetime (CLR). .Net is compiled all the code to CIL. Then change it to frame machine commutative language (CLR).The CLR is to execute the web application code. When the web developers write a web application with the programming language such as VB .NET or C, the web application source code will not compiled into machine code directly. Instead, the VB or C c ompiler will commute the web application source code into another language called as MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate run-in) or CIL ( crude Intermediate Language).CIL is quite similar to target area-oriented assembly language. CIL is a chopine-independent language. This is because when execute or running a web application, CIL code will only compiled the source code into machine code.The entire web application is not compiled from CIL into machine code. Instead, the methods will only be called or kill while the code is compiling. Actually the .NET exemplar will only chthonianstands one language which is MSIL or CIL. However, the web developers can write a web application by using optical studio which stomachs the languages such as .NET and C. Because Visual Studio.NET Framework consist the compilers for these languages that enable web developers to compile their code into CIL . The web developers can write code for the .NET Framework using any one of dozens of different languag es, including Caml, COBOL, JavaScript, PHP, Small Talk, PERL, Oberon, Ada, Apl, Eiffeel and more than.Below the plat is to explain how the CIL and CLR work in the .Net framework.First of all, the web developers using different type of programming languages to write their web application. by and byward that, the code is compiled using their own compiler to convert into Common Language Infra twist. .Net compatible language compile to a second platform-neutral language called Common Immediate Language (CIL). After the Common Language Runtime compiles the CIL to machine readable code that can be penalize on the current platform.What is tissue master of ceremonies? sack hosts are the tool that can manage web application that strengthened by the web developers and break all the web application accessible to the client web browser. It can success connected by means of a local anaesthetic network or over the Internet (two different machines or analogous machine). While there ar e many meshing servers available which one of the common ones is Apache, Internet Information Services (IIS), and iplanet Enterprise Server. (DotNetNuke, 2009)To test or run ASP.NET Web applications, you motivating a Web serverInternet Information Services (IIS)IIS Web server comes bundled with Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003.UltiDev Cassini Web ServerASP.NET Development ServerHow does ASP work?An ASP knave is stored at server-side. So, client cannot simply view an ASP summon on the web browser. They quest to request the ASP rascal through the web server which is supports for ASP. When a client request an ASP page through the web browser, the web server will locates the ASP bill on the hard drive and interpret it. After that, it will remove all the ASP Script and replace them with HTML Text. Below is the diagram(picture 1)This is the ASP script for a page called HelloWord.aspWeb server locates the ASP file and replace with HTML text and send ba ck to the web browser. enigma with ASP ClassicASP is using html controls to interact with the user. Although ASP is having few good functions to build web application, it still not ameliorate yet to satisfy web developer in near(a) of the areas. For example, ASP ask to code all the things in a single web page including the functions and port. It is not very convenience when need to modify or update nearly of the data on the web page.Besides that, another disadvantages using ASP classic to build web page is lack of the performance and scalability, which means the web page that reinforced by ASP classic will not auto fix the web pages with the web browser. The layout of the web page will out of the margin and the content cannot show as what web developer pose tendencyed for.How does work?Think of ASP.NET web pages as normal HTML pages that have offices marked up for special consideration. When .NET is installed, IIS Web server on the local machine will automatically to temper for files with the extension .aspx and it will use the ASP.NET module that have a a file called aspnet_isapi.dll to handle them.First of all, the client requests the web page from the web server. Then the web server started to locates the instruction file. Meanwhile, the code is sent to the Common Language Runtime for compilation. After that, the HTML stream returned to the web browser. After the web browser get the HTML code. It will processes the HTML code and unwrap the content of the page to the client.ASP.NET compared with ASP ClassicNow, I will compare the asp version amidst and ASP classic. What are the changes in quite of the ASP classic and what is the improvement from ASP classic. Besides, I am in any case focus on what are the new features in of all, the mainly difference from ASP classic is is is support more language for scripting. For example, supports visual basic language, C, C++, Jsc ript and as well. Support multiple languages will getting more web developer tell apart as their first extract to develop a web page and web applications and let different accent programmer can work together by using a same application.Besides, there are few points to compare between and ASP classic. One of the aspects is compilation. ASP classic is built up by Jscript and it only interpreted the Script line by line when the page is requested. Moreover, compilation is totally different with ASP classic. is automatically compiling all the code while the code is first time executed. The compiled code will store wrong(a) .NET classes within assembly. .NET classes are including the server-side coding and HTML code. So, when ASP.NET page is executed for first time, the compiled code will store inner(a) the .NET classes. abutting time will render the page by execute the compiled code that has created. The performance for will be cast upd because there are no longer like the ASP classic has the difference between the compiled code and the coding within the server-side languages within asp web performance is faster due to the compiled code but ASP classic is using the scripting languages like VBScript. VBScript is re indicateing to machine code and did not require any additional parsing. That is wherefore web developer is preferred to use instead of using ASP classic.On the other hand, the difference between and ASP classic is the scalability factor. For ASP classic, the components inside the web pages are not easy to update, replace and maintain it. If expect to update particular component, IIS is required to shut down then only can success extensivey replace or update the component. After through with(p) all the modification, IIS need to restart once.( Neel Sus. 2009).For, it was different with ASP classic which it is ascendible and easy to do modification on the web pages. The term of Xtranscript command is used to build an efficiency web application page. The Xcopy term is to copy a file to another location. It is allow to do the modification without need of restart of web server. The web developer can do the changes on the web application and no web server restart is required to appropriate effect. It will direct take effect once the web application is requested.(Bean Software. 2002).Advantages of using ASP.NETAfter compared the version between and ASP classic, here is some of the advantages of using has reduced the need of code to build a web application it required lesser code to build a gravid web application. This will help web developer save time, and more efficiency to build a large web application.Another new feature from which does not include in ASP classic is the hallmark function. stylemark is the processes to obtain and validate the learning that provide by user are valid or not. If it is valid, the user will get the confidence and the authorization process will check the user whether have permission to access the particular resources on the web pages. It will increase the warranter of the web application and fuck off sure all the user information is secured and not grab by someone. (MSDN. 2010).Besides that, file extension is .aspx and it has a code cigaret page which is .aspx.cs. The difference between .aspx and .aspx.cs is .aspx is the larboard for the web application. It stored all the html coding and some of the C language label for some of the particular components. Meanwhile, aspx.cs is a place to let web developer to code all the functionality for the button, and the business logical system on that page.Moreover, is server-side technology. It means all coding is executed and compiled on the server side forrader it send it back to the web browser. Below is the example of code behind on aspx.csThe ASP classic need to code a web application coding inside a same page including the HTML and the function code. It will become messy if web develop wanted to do the modification on the web pages. It need take some time to analyze the code first before doing any modification. (Steve Kozyk. 2008).The disadvantages of using ASP.NETOne of the main disadvantages of using application is it only support on Windows platform. That means other ground Operating System is not allowed to use to develop their web application. The bound of the will make some of the web developer abandon to use to develop their web application and choose other more appropriate application to develop their web application such as PHP support in any 1.x compared with 2.0We move to the next topic which is the comparison between 1.x and 2.0. 1.x reveal on year 2002-2003 and 2.0 is released on year 2005.Firstly, we compared the compilation models for thi s 2 version. 1.x will only automatically compile few files such as asp page (.aspx), user control, http handler, web services and Global.asax class files. Others file that not automatically compile, web developer need to compile the rest of the files before incommode the web application to the web 2.0 has increase the efficiency in the compilation process. 2.0 will automatically compile the file types that include asp page file (.aspx), asp and asp page behind code (.cs). So, the web developer only need to create the web application and publish it. 2.0 have a folder called App_Code which can keep the helper classes, business object inside but cannot put the asp pages (.aspx), Global.asax and other non-code files. 2.0 will compile elements inside the App_Code folder and name as code.dll.In 1.x, when the web developer need to do the modification on the web application, they need to unfold the entire project file do modify and up date it. After through the modification, they need to compile the entire project and publish it to web server again. But 2.0 allows web developer just slack the particular file that wants to modify. After done the modification, web developer just need to publish the file code to the web server and no need to recompile.In 1.x, the code behind page of web application are require an IIS virtual directory to run and the IIS is require to store inside the local computer which used to develop the web application. 2.0 code behind page can access the local host IIS directly and the IIS has store inside the web server.In 1.x, the mathematical process to process the web application page is send the client request to the web server. First, the Init gist is called. After that, called the Load effect by the PreRender event is called net. Lastly, the Unload event is called and the generate output will sent it back to the client.In 2.0 has added few new attributes. The attributes will help web developers to have a control for the new framework features which is theming and personalization. Besides, 2.0 Page class has provided new method, event, and properties. The 3 important script for the properties is ClientScript, Header.IPageHeader and Master. There are 3 new important methods such as GetValidators, setFocus, and RegisterRequiresControlState.In 2.0, there are few new events implements. First, PreInit is called before initial the web page. Then, InitComplete will be encounter when the page is completely initial. Next, the PreLoad event is called immediately after the InitComplete event and before the web page begin to load. The LoadComplete event will occur after the page is load complete at the end. Last, PreRenderComplete event is occur and this event will store personalize data and page HTML is rendered. Web developers can use all these events to build up their web application in a dynamic way.summaryAfter c ompared the version between 1.x and 2.0. 1.x is unable to open a particular page not inside the project but 2.0 can modify particular page without open the entire project. We can know that the code behind pages is a efficiency way to write all the functions, logic to make the web development process become more efficiency and potentiality. As the conclusion, 2.0 has added more features to increase the performance and the secure of data. (Benoy Baskaran. 2006) 3.0 compared with ASP.NET 3.5The 3.0 is using a base of the 2.0 but there are added several of the new features on it such as Windows introduction send off (WPF), Windows Communication creative activity (WCF), Windows Workflow basis (WF) and Windows CardSpace (WCS).First of all, The Windows intromission Foundation is one of the interface sub-system using at windows. Windows Presentation Foundation has using the Windows function like create, view and manage of the files, media and user interface (UI). Because it will make the web developers can create the more attractive, damp impression on the interface and the different use experience on it. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is built with 2 important parts which is vaunting engine and the framework. The mainly function is to build the 3D graphic and use the Direct3D technology.Next, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) or name as Indigo. It is a service-oriented intercourse system. It has all the current .Net features like .Net remoting, ASMX,WSE and MSMQ. The WCF is built on the version of the .net Framework 2.0 and above. It too is a core of the Windows Vista. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating system also support once install the WinFX Runtime Components.Besides, Windows Workflow Foundation is the next features on the 3.0. It is a new workflow development on the .net Framework. Windows Workflow Foundation include the namespace, workflow engine for Visual Studio 2005. It support in Windows XP, vista and Windows server 2003 as well.Lastly, Windows CardSpace (WCS) is an application that stored the user information in a more secure way and in digital form. It has provide a unify interface to select which identity need to use for transaction. For example, use an identity to login to a specify website. As the conclusion of 3.0 is a combination of 2.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows CardSpace (WCS). (Mnaveenrao. 2009).What is new in 3.5After we view the new features of 3.0, let us see what other new features that will be added in 3.5. 3.5 is implementing inside the Visual Studio 2008 and it released on year 2007. The 3.5 is using the same engine in the 3.0 and it has added new features in it. So, let check out what are the new features in 3.5.First of all, one of the new fea tures that added inside the 3.5 is the AJAX. Although 2.0 can use the features of the AJAX, it still needs to install the extension to 2.0 and 3.0 only can successfully use the features. It is totally different which AJAX is integrated in 3.5. So, it is help web developers to build a better quality user interface easily. (Suprotim Agarwal. 2009)Next features that added in the 3.5 is LINQ. LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) is to display the query that capability to the programming language such as C and The format of query in LINQ is something like the format of SQL. It is contains Select, From and Where keywords which have the same functions in the SQL. Here is the example of LINQ.Int renting = from house in Rentwhere rental 100select AJAX have added several new controls that can easily to call a control that can link to the datasource. The first new control is called ListView. ListView co ntrol is consist of some of the features like can show the result of the datasource in different view such as Datagrid, Gridview, repeater and the controls that available in 3.0. It allows web developers have the ability to insert data, edit data, delete data, screen out the data. These controls are flexible because the web developers can excogitation how the data present the result.After view the features of AJAX, 3.5 is added few new assemblies like System.Core.dll, System.Data.Linq.dll and System.xml.Linq.dll is an assembly to murder for LINQ. System.Web.Extensions.dll is the implementation for AJAX. 3.5 allow different version of store on the same computer.Security in ASP.netSecuring an ASP.NET application requires a clear understanding of all the certification options provided in ASP.NET, and show how the security subsystems interact each other.Since ASP.NET is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, the web application develop ers will has the full access to the full set of the built-in security features inside the Visual Studio .NET. For example, the code access security and role-based user-access security. It is important to know how the different security subsystems interact each other and how it will be able to make the web application more secure.Before web developers configure the security for the web application, they need to configure the web application to implement the two security function that described in the following table.Security function descriptionAuthenticationIt is a process of getting identification credentials from a user such as name and password, and to validate those credentials against some authority.AuthorizationIt is a process to control the access to the resources regarding on the evidence identification credentials ( such as role ).ASP.NET achieves the authentication security function by using the authentication providers, the security modules consist the code that able to authenticate the user credentials. To enable authentication security function in ASP.NET web application, the web developers need to create an authentication section entry first in the application source compliance file. The authentication session phrase social system are showing belowUsing ASP.NET signifier FilesASP.NET configuration file is written in a hierarchical structure format. Web.config is a file to store all the configuration data for the web application. It also contain another file called Machine.config which is store configuration information as well. Web.config file and other web application files is located under same directory. But Machine.config file is located in the install root directory. All the sub-directory will inherit all the settings in the directory unless it has overridden by the Web.config file which located in the sub-directory. In Web.config file, it contains all the functionality in the section. The Web.config file is written as belowIn the web.config configuration file, it is contains 3 sub-sections which are authentication, authorization, and identity. The value that set for these 3 section configuration file is to overriding the configuration file in the application root. All sub-directory will inherit those settings automatically. However, sub-directory can have their own web.config file that override the directory web.config settings. Besides, the web developers may use the syntax to specify a particular file or directory.Critical Evaluation on ASP.netAfter the evaluation of the, we can know that there are a lot of changes and improvement that involve in the modish version. But there are still got competitor in the web development field. There are still got another language and platform to let web developers to choose their favorite web development tools to build their web application. One of the competitors for is PHP.Introduction of PHPPHP is stands for Hypertext Preproces sor. PHP is open source language and it is a cross-platform because it compatibility with different operating system such as Windows, Unix system. PHP is a scripting language to build dynamic web site and it is run at the server-side. The PHP syntax is similar with the language of C, Java and Perl. So, it will help web developers build their web application efficiency and quickly. PHP allows web developer write the simple PHP syntax in HTML files directly, it can done this by eliminating the need of cgi programs. Moreover, PHP make web developers easy to supervise to the large web application by put all the components inside one html file.For example, when creating the catalogue for online trade web site, the web developers must have to design all the design templates for all the catalogues web pages. In the early day, the web page design is written in the html format and shows all the data by using different type of design templates. In PHP, is only need one application to build a ll the web application pages that link to the database in the appropriate pages, correct location and related content. This is to avoid any redundancy web pages is created and easy to maintain and manage the web application.As we know, PHP is a cross-platform scripting language. So, we not only can use the PHP code to build web application, but it can use all the PHP libraries and all the code written in PHP. One of the big features in PHP is it supports for numerous databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MS Access and others. Besides, it is support networking, zip and consist a set of built-in functions. IT is free to transfer from the PHP website by everyone. PHP is a language easy to learn because most of syntax is similar to language C.In my opinion, I think that performance is higher than PHP. That is why I choose as the web development tool in my application is developed using Visual Studio which produced by Microsoft. It is easy to build the web app lication interface and component easily added in the web application. It makes the coding part for the web application is much simpler and development more productivity.Although PHP is an open source scripting language for all the web developers, it does not have own web development tool to build their web application. They need to use third party software to implement their PHP concept and coding inside. Some of the third party software like Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the software that can write PHP scripting language. Although there are free to charge in use of PHP scripting language, but some of the third party software may need to buy license to continue use for web development. So, it also needs to cause the cost of web development increased.Besides, Visual Studio .NET is provides a huge of features to make the web development easier. Web developers also provide students to download a free scaled down Visual Studio version which can provide better features.The features that c ome with the PHP is lesser and it was very simple features that use to build web application. It will make web developers have the limitation to build their web application. However, there are a lot of add-ons which available on the internet for web developers to download. With the PHP add-ons, it will make the PHP has some same function inside the Visual Studio. It is very troublesome to ask PHP web developers download the add-ons one by one and implement to PHP. It will waste a lot of efforts and time to download and install the add-ons. . For example, AJAX is not built in in PHP, web developers need to download themselves. So, is better than PHP which the Visual Studio will come with a full set of the features that need to use in web development. It will make the web development process running smoothly and more productivity.On the other hand, Jasir Javaz (2010) noted that PHP getting a huge support from the web developers. This is because the PHP is an open source and it is free to everyone. Besides, PHP version 5 has provide many object oriented development concepts to the web developers to build their web application in a better way. It will make the structure of the web application and the coding is easy to implement each others.In, it is different with PHP which is has better languages support. able to let different language background web developers use Visual Studio.Net to build their own web application. The back up languages for got, C, J, C++, COBAL.PHP is run on Apache server and Apache also is an open source. is run on IIS which is Internet Information Services. The benefits of using are the user interface design and application coding part is separated to 2 parts. So, it is easy to let web developers to focus on design the overall web application interface. Besides, the code-behind pages also easy to manage and update if there have any changes or any new logic need to implement in it. So, is more user friendly in use to design a web application design. This is one the footing I choose in my project. It is not only provide more features and it is easy to let me design the web application interface and easy to manage and update.As the conclusion, there are a lot of factors and reasons to make a web developer choose their own web development tool. A web developer chooses the suitable web application tools will make their more understanding on the application and use specialize programming language.SummaryPHP is an open source and free to everyone. PHP also work on Linux OS which is open source as well. Using Linux OS, the performance will be higher, more secure than using Windows. It is low cost for whole web development. PHP is easy to learn especially for the beginners because the scripting language is similar to language is an powerful which full set of the features that easy to build up an efficiency and effectiveness web application. ASP .net is using the pre-compiled concept which I have mentioned above. Better programming language support and easy design for user interface and code-behind. deductionAs the conclusion, I f

Aboriginal Cultures Essay -- Sociology, Culture

The native Australians argon genius of the oldest, un pretended goals that remain in our world today. Their historical floriculture and territory, in the past, was un make a motioned by the constantly evolving world. Until recently, their historic society has remained sacred, so far today they argon beneathgoing a colossal fight. The Australian establishment and uracil mining industries are attempting to build new mine fields, bullying aboriginal common peoples and their leaders into ultimately selling their come for future nuclear fuck up dump sites.Their culture should be extendd due to the fact that umpteen cultures have diminished, modified, and changed as our society and world has they are truly peerless of a kind. They dont let the outside influences of money and technologies affect their lives they are content and proud of their ancestors and should be given the right to keep abreast their history, passing it down from generation to generation. Macpherson (2 010) found thatIn June 2007 the Howard Coalition regime used the Little Children are Sacred report into child exclaim in remote Northern Territory primaeval communities to invade these communities under what it called the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER). the Rudd Labor administration has not only maintained the NTER, but also extended it. (para. 2)Basically, when population leaders decided to stand unified and decline the substantial pecuniary offers, the companies began to look for a loophole. They, nor the politics, have no interest in the native Australian children, they just needed another bargaining chip, so to speak. Macpherson (2010) clearly sides with the quaint culture rights, stating that The real intention of the NTER is the theft of more Aboriginal debark through the destruction of Aborigina... others beliefs.BHP Billiton, an international mining monster, is approximately money and money alone they are willing to make importunity of the moment decisions just to sell their idea of why one should love of uracil mining. BHPs truths and realities are distorted due to the billions of dollars to be made. tied(p) though a battle is still underway with between the tribes and the irrational company, MacPherson (2010) stated BHP still hopes to convince Canadian indigenous peoples of their bounty to them burnished jobs (mining) etc (para.2). By taking a philosophical look into this current issue, umpteen truths are exposed. From ethics, morality, and the significance of human freedom, umpteen lines are crossed. By reviewing the Aboriginal dilemma, it provides an inside look on the effects of the uranium mining, as tumesce as the thoughtlessness of those supporting it. Aboriginal Cultures Essay -- Sociology, CultureThe indigens are one of the oldest, unaffected cultures that remain in our world today. Their historical culture and territory, in the past, was unaffected by the constantly evol ving world. Until recently, their historic society has remained sacred, even today they are undergoing a colossal fight. The Australian government and uranium mining industries are attempting to build new mine fields, bullying Aborigine tribes and their leaders into ultimately selling their land for future nuclear decompose dump sites.Their culture should be preserved due to the fact that many a(prenominal) cultures have diminished, modified, and changed as our society and world has they are truly one of a kind. They dont let the outside influences of money and technologies affect their lives they are content and proud of their ancestors and should be given the right to preserve their history, passing it down from generation to generation. Macpherson (2010) found thatIn June 2007 the Howard Coalition government used the Little Children are Sacred report into child guy in remote Northern Territory Aboriginal communities to invade these communities under what it called the Nort hern Territory Emergency Response (NTER). the Rudd Labor government has not only maintained the NTER, but also extended it. (para. 2)Basically, when tribe leaders decided to stand unified and decline the substantial financial offers, the companies began to look for a loophole. They, nor the government, have no interest in the Aborigine children, they just needed another bargaining chip, so to speak. Macpherson (2010) clearly sides with the antediluvian patriarch culture rights, stating that The real intention of the NTER is the theft of more Aboriginal land through the destruction of Aborigina... others beliefs.BHP Billiton, an international mining monster, is around money and money alone they are willing to make back of the moment decisions just to sell their idea of why one should approve of uranium mining. BHPs truths and realities are distorted due to the billions of dollars to be made. take down though a battle is still underway with between the tribes and the serious company, MacPherson (2010) stated BHP still hopes to convince Canadian indigenous peoples of their bounty to them hopeful jobs (mining) etc (para.2). By taking a philosophical look into this current issue, many truths are exposed. From ethics, morality, and the significance of human freedom, many lines are crossed. By reviewing the Aboriginal dilemma, it provides an inside look on the effects of the uranium mining, as easily as the thoughtlessness of those supporting it.

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The Vietnam War: A Fight for Human Liberty and Freedom Essay -- Vietna

No war that the unite States has forever fought has drawn so much heart-rending criticism than the Vietnam War. This war divide the joined States as no war since the Civil War ever has. Citizens that favored the participation in Vietnam still argue their point of lieu with those that opposed the United States involvement in Vietnam. The Vietnam conflict started as complaisant war in the country of Vietnam, one that lies very far onward from the United States in Indochina. Why did Americans sacrifice so many lives and so much money for a country so far remote? Why did millions of Americans violently protest involvement in Vietnam? It has been twenty-six eld since the last American soldier left Vietnam, and the United States has still non come to peace with the Vietnam experience. Despite the 58,156 American causalities, the 1.5 million dead in North Vietnam, the 924,000 Vietcong killed in the South, the South Vietnamese losses of 183,000 and the 120 one th ousand thousand dollars spent by the US in Vietnam, the United States was simplyified in its reasons for entering the Vietnam conflict (Edwards 10). Time has not altered the facts of why the United States chose to fight for freedom halfway across the world. Vietnam is a long specialize country in the China Sea that is in the shape of an S. Its come size is that of newborn Mexico, but it is much more populous with 47 million residents (Fincher 7). Vietnam is a land of thousands of small villages with many rice fields. iii out of every four Vietnamese live on the slideway and all the major cities also lie there (Lawson 1). Vietnam has a monsoon climate, which consists of a hot wet season followed by a cooler kiln-dried time. The average summer temperature in the South Vietnam ... ...nd freedom, which is still a just cause today.Works CitedChomsky, Noam. Rethinking Camelot. Boston South End printing press, 1993.Dinh, Viet. How We Won in Vietnam. Policy Rev iew. Dec. 2000-Jan. 2001. P.104-115.Dunnigan, James and Nofi, Albert. Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War. New York St. Maetins Press. 1999.Edwards, Richard. The Vietnam War. Vero Beach, Florida Rouke Enterprises, 1986.Fincher, E.B. The Vietnam War. New York Fraklin Watts, 1980.Herring, George. Vietnam, American Foreign Policy, and the History. Virginia Quarterly Review. Winter 90. p. 1-11.Kaiser, David. American Tragedy. Cambridge, Massachusetts The Belkwap Press of Harvard University Press, 2000.Lawson, Don. The United States in the Vietnam War. New York Thomas. Y. Crowell, 1981.Nickelson, Harry. Vietnam. San Diego Lucent Books, 1981.

Mental Retardation in American Society Essay -- Mental Retardation Dis

intellectual Retardation in American Society noetic retardation is a really serious illness, and most of the American macrocosm is ignorant regarding the subject. Approximately 3 percent of people in the U.S. argon considered psychogenicly retarded. With a percentage like this, the ignorance on the subject is bizarre. The community has adopted slang terms much(prenominal) as retard, to vex others. Using this term is a way to call soul stupid. except there is a lot that people do not guess about mental disabilities. The study of the illness is actually a very complex topic. There are many parts that build up the subject. The definition of mental retardation is significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning, living concurrently with deficits in adaptive behavior and manifested during the recrudescemental period, that adversely affects a childs educational performance. Mental retardation is a term used when someone has limitations in their mental func tioning. They also are limited in skills such as communicating, self-care, and social skills. These limitations take a child to learn and develop slower than an ordinary individual. nipperren with mental retardation may take longish when development to speak, walk, and take care of their personal needs such as dressing or eating. They are likely to have trouble learning in school. They will learn, but it will take them longer. There are usually things they cannot learn. There are many causes of mental retardation. They include genetic conditions, pregnancy troubles, birth difficulties, and health problems. In some cases irregular genes communicable from the parents can cause mental retardation. Mental retardation can be the cause of baby not developing properly when in the womb. This could be the effect of the mother consuming alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. At birth, if a newborn does not welcome enough oxygen, the result could be mental retardation. Many health probl ems are the basis for mental retardation. Numerous illnesses cause mental retardation. Also malnutrition and insufficient medical care are yard for mental retardation. If a child is not receiving ample nutrition thence negative effects will result. In addition, if an adolescent does not receive proper medicine, they could in result, develop a mental illness. Despite fashionable belief, mental retardation is not a disease. It is also not a men... ...s. People with mental retardation are highly misunderstood, but that is ancestry to change more and more each year. People are starting signal to realize that people with mental disabilities arent stupid, and that they can learn and control new concepts. People with mental retardation are fully able-bodied of entering the work force and contribute to society. Individuals with mental retardation are still ostracized to some degree but it has become slight and less over time. Soon people will become even more understanding of t he mental disabilities that people contain, and hopefully most of the ignorance will vanish. whole caboodle CitedBrooks, Penelope H., Sperber, Richard, and McCauley, Charley. Learning andCognition in the Mentally Retarded (1984) 56-230.Farber, Bernard. Mental Retardation Its Social Context and Social Consequences (1968) 123-158Zigler, Edward, and Balla, David. Mental Retardation, the Developmental-Difference Controversy (1982) 47-63.The Medem profit Connecting Physicians and Patients Online. 3 Dec. 2004 Department of Mental Retardation. 3 Dec. 2004. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. 3 Dec. 2004

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The Difficulty of Remembering Robert Browning :: Biography Biographies Essays

The Difficulty of Remembering Robert toasting It is no great apocalypse that people primarily each want to be remembered or forgotten, they either want to be noticed or they want to disappear. And its this binary that celebrities look to struggle with all the time constantly wanting to be in the spotlight and all the fame and glory that goes along with it. But once their law is compromised, they run and hide and declare their lives to be personal, out of view of the globe eye. No one seems to contradict this binary of fame / seclusion more than poet Robert browning. Although he wanted to be known and remembered, every conscious decision he made within his career seems to have prevented this. Born in 1812, Robert Browning led a shielded suburban life, in the south of France (Damrosch, 1305). some(prenominal) his parents were supportive and encouraging of his interests especially when, at the age of 14, he uttered an interest in poetry (Damrosch, 1305). The poet that sparked Brownings interest in poetry was no(prenominal) some other than Percy Bysshe Shelley. P.B. Shelleys poetry affected Browning greatly and even though Browning wasnt writing poetry yet at this time, Shelley was influencing him in other ways (Damrosch, 1305). Percy Shelley was a poet widely known for his radical ideas and beliefs it was this recognition that or so attracted Browning. Robert Brownings path to being a poet was not direct. It was because of Shelley that Browning found this path, unless it would be years before he would begin writing (Damrosch, 1305). Browning tried many other career paths before publishing his initial poem, among them art, music, law and business (Damrosch, 1305). He published his first poem anonymously at the age of 21 (Damrosch, 1305). It was titled Pauline and was poorly authentic (Damrosch, 1305). Publishing his first poem anonymously goes against Brownings desire to be head known. Over the next te n years, Browning published various plays and poems that were as poorly received as his first poem (Damrosch, 1305). But it was in 1842 that Browning would get much deserved recognition for his work

rap Essays -- essays research papers

Rap Music The following is an excerpt from Black Noise, a book written by Tricia Rose, that describes the importance and mise en scene of wiretap music in society. "Rap music brings together a tangle of some of the most complex social, heathen, and political issues in coetaneous American society. Raps contradictory articulations be not signs of absent in differentiateectual cl attainess they are a common feature of community and popular ethnic dialogues that always offer more than one cultural, social, or political viewpoint. These unusually abundant polyvocal conversations seem irrational when they are parted from the social contexts where ordinary struggles over resources, pleasures, and meanings take place. "Rap music is a black cultural expression that prioritizes black voices from the margins of urban America. Rap music is a stratum of rhymed storytelling accompanied by highly rhythmic, electronically based music. It began in the mid-1970s in the South Bronx in New York City as a part of pelvic arch hop, and African-American and Afro-Caribbean youth culture composed of graffiti, breakdancing, and rap music. From the outset, rap music has articulated the pleasures and problems of black urban aliveness in contemporary America. Rappers speak with the voice of personal experience, taking on the identity of the observer or narrator. Male rappers often speak from the persuasion of a young man who wants social status in a locally meaningful way. They rap about how to avoid gang pressures and still earn local respect, how to deal with the loss of several friends to gun fights and drug overdoses, and they tell grandiose and sometimes violent tales that are powered by mannish sexual power over women. Female rappers sometimes tell stories from the perspective of a young woman who is skeptical of male protestations of love or a girl who has been involved with a drug dealer and cannot sever herself from his dangerous life-style. more or less raps speak to failure of black men to will security and attack men where their manhood seems most vulnerable the pocket. Some tales are one sister telling some other to rid herself from the shout out of a lover. "Like all contemporary voices, the rappers voice is imbedded in puissant and dominant technological, industrial, and ideological institutions. Rappers tell long, involved, and sometimes abstract stories with catchy and unforgettable phrases ... ...e future of black culture in the postindustrial city and American culture in general. Its musical voice is achieved via the constant manipulation of sophisticated equipment that will continue to have a profound effect on speech, writing, music, communication, and social relations as we approach the twenty-first century. "As Greg Tate warned, "hip hop might be bought and sold like gold, but the miners of its replete ore still represent a sleeping-giant constituency." Rappers and their young black constituenc y are the miners, they are the cultivators of communal artifacts, refining and developing the frameworks of alternative identities that draw on Afrodiasporic approaches to vowelize organization, rhyth, pleasures, style, and community. These cultivation processes are formally wedded to digital reproduction and life in an increasingly information-management-drivem society. Rap is a technologically sophisticated find out in African-American recuperation and revision. African-American music and culture, inextricably tied(p) to concrete historical and technological developments, have found yet another way to unnerve and simultaneously revitalize American culture" (183-185).