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Exploring Presidental elections and Presidental Power between Research Paper

Exploring Presidental elections and Presidental Power between President Ronald Reagan and President Barack Obama - look for Paper ExampleDuring his reign, his administration concluded an important treaty with Soviet Union in parliamentary law to restrict the intermediate range for nuclear weapons conducted in a proxy war with Nicaragua through the function it offered on the contras. Thus, it invaded the grenade ostensibly to prevent the Soviet Island from becoming an outpost of the Soviet. In 1984, Reagan was re-elected by a massive margin back to the white house. This paper will analyze the chairpersonial powers of Reagan during his reign as the president of the US. Reagans taking office that was ushered shortly in his popular acceptance for supply of the side economics both with bellicosity abroad and at home. He was given a political honeymoon after an discomfited assassination attempts in 1981. The democrats in the north and the south supported President Reagans domestic insurance (Cannon 33-35). He therefore instituted a program that focused on phasing out taxes and increasing expenditures on abnegation of the government. Furthermore, education and welfare budgets were cut, and unanimously accepted, by the congress (Lawson 38). This was a deregulation program of business and a measure of tightening control of information concerned about the government. During his reign, Reagans staff contemplated on ordinance of the British secret acts until they realized that loyalty was paramount for the detection of the lies. In the foreign policy, other countries were alarm due to the frank nature of the triumphant of the American rhetoric and determination of the administration in imposing the leadership in America and its priorities. He used his position as the president to pressure for the catapulted run of the NATO in to order increase expenditures on military. For instance, Reagan affronted even Margaret a staunch supporter to sell grains to USSR to pinch money to boost the military. This was like pleasing the agribusiness sector aimed at supporting the US subsidiaries companies that ground in Europe. He also managed to prevent Western Europe from importing natural gas, which Russia demanded. The fears of the nuclear weapons receded when Reagan concur to limit his expenditure on arms talks with Russia and reduced on the tone of the bellicose rhetoric. This elevate passed in a summit held in Geneva with Russian president Gorbachev. Reagans domestic policies of the US recessed the economy, which meant that his re-election was uncertain. In 1984 November, he got a huge margin of the votes than 1980 election. He exercised peace abroad and gained fame locally. His policy of not ruling but reigning made him famous and extended his congressional action. Furthermore, Reagan presided over for the dissolution of USSR claiming victory in the cold war. He was rhetoric a symbolic conservative thinker whose bequest became a strong boom t o the economy. He recaptured the national confidence and decayed the spirit of the participation that resulted from community inequalities. Most symbolically, he tripled the national debt for US (Owen 235). During his reign for two terms, Reagan sought through all center to reduce domestic programs of the US federal government (Cannon 123). During his first years in office, he adopt the theory of the supply side to stimulate the production and the control of the high inflation by tender the tax and reducing federal spending. 1982, was the year of major recession

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Resource Based Analysis of Marks & Spencer Plc Essay

Resource Based Analysis of Marks & Spencer Plc - Essay ExampleThe present explore has identified that clothing stores of Marks & Spencer are the leading retailers in the UK market and specialize in providing womens wears, lingerie, and menswear. Their food stores are also leading in the UK market due providing fresh foods which are of broad(prenominal) quality. The marketing and distribution of their products into the various markets and stores is done by utilizing the service of huge wholesalers, online stores and through a telephone. The connections stocks are registered in the London stocks exchange. This paper will first assess the importance of capabilities and how they house to the competitive advantage of the organization. Then, analyze Marks & Spencer plc resources and capabilities using ratio analysis, value chain and VRIN. Resource-based view (RBV) is a business model which holds that business can attain a massive competitive advantage all over the rival businesses by utilizing their resources and capabilities properly in alignment with the environment of the business. This implies that the business should possess resources and capabilities which are best to those of their rivals in order to attain the competitive advantage over them. This will prevent the rival businesses from replicating the resources and capabilities of the caller-out thus declining their competitive advantage. Capabilities are used in resource-based view to indicate the ability of a substantial to apply its resources effectively and efficiently with the sole aim of gaining the competitive advantage over the market. Strategies of a guild are formulated to do by the future productivity of the company. Strategies of a company are formulated to address the future productivity of the company. Strategies are formulated to address any occurrences and incidences in the market and how to respond to changes in the market due to pressures or influences which appear from time to tim e in the market. The first strategy employ by M&S was the brand name.

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CASH FLOW Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CASH FLOW - Assignment ExampleNet salary plus added back depreciation bemuse contributed to the bulk of cash flow from operate activities, amounting to 3,883+1,682= $5,565 million. Increases/decreases in inventory, receivables, accounts payable, and former(a) miscellaneous items leave contributed the remaining $1,068M. Thus the increase has come mostly from the profits earned during the year. taboo of the increase realized through operating activities, $1,129M have been employ in investing activities, the study(ip) contribution having been invested in capital expenditures. A small part has been accounted by sale of assets and property, and from sale of business. Financing activities have accounted for $4,048M of the outflow from the total of $6,651M contributed by operating activities. The bulk of this amount has gone in buy back of stocks and in payment of dividends. LowesThe increase in cash and cash equivalents during the year 2011 was $364 million. The contribution from o perating activities was $4,351M, of which the major heap was from net operating income ($1,839M) and depreciation ($1,579M). The net increase in cash and cash equivalents on account of these two items was $3,418M. The remaining amount of $931M has come from changes in current assets/liabilities and miscellaneous items. ... Increases/decreases in inventory, receivables, accounts payable, and former(a) miscellaneous items have contributed the remaining $1,068M. Thus the increase has come mostly from the profits earned during the year. pop out of the increase realized through operating activities, $1,129M have been used in investing activities, the major portion having been invested in capital expenditures. A small part has been accounted by sale of assets and property, and from sale of business. Financing activities have accounted for $4,048M of the outflow from the total of $6,651M contributed by operating activities. The bulk of this amount has gone in repurchase of stocks and in payment of dividends. Lowes The increase in cash and cash equivalents during the year 2011 was $364 million. The contribution from operating activities was $4,351M, of which the major portion was from net operating income ($1,839M) and depreciation ($1,579M). The net increase in cash and cash equivalents on account of these two items was $3,418M. The remaining amount of $931M has come from changes in current assets/liabilities and miscellaneous items. Of the cash generated by operating activities, $1,437M has been used in investing activities and $2,549M in financing activities. The major portion of the amount used by investment activities has gone to acquisition of property, which has partly been funded by net sale of investments, the remaining overture from cash generated in operating activities. The bulk of the cash used in financing activities has gone towards repurchase of shares and payment of dividends ($3,584M). This has been partly funded by issuance of long-term debt, the balance coming from cash generated in operating activities. Forecast of

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Sociology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sociology - Essay ExampleThe research methods should be realized as means of acting on the environment and their quality can be judged by their ability to fork out reliable results. The act of making observations in life is largely dependent on personal fancy, bias, ideologic preferences etc. Therefore, the scientific process of building reliability and validity in life is essential and it should be based on the features of discovery and verification. Both discovery and verification are essential components of finding reliability and validity in life. Consequently, the scientific basis of sociology clearly suggests that the discovery process and the issues of verification should be given come to significance in research methods. If priority is given to the discovery process, the issues of verification, reliability, and validity become more than technical in nature If issues of verification are placed above the discovery process, a impel is driven between the goals and the metho ds of sociology. (Douglas, 268) In the former case, the quality of research is determined by the public elements, whereas the latter(prenominal) case the goals and the methods of sociology are affected. Therefore, discovery as well as verification should be given equal relevance in finding reliability and validity in life.

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Louke Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Louke - Essay Exampleat, albeit men be naturally innate(p) free and equal, they cannot regarded as equal until they have acquired freedom, that is reaching adulthood and maturity date and beingness reasonable enough to understand what freedom is to become an equal.The modern mind can grasp the essense of Lockes reasoning in his treatise about Paternal situation (except for his language which is quite tenacious) because it relates how a modern family works. Everybody is born free solely the electric shaver, even born as a free person, still cannot take bring off of himself and therefore, has to be under the custody of parents to be nourished, care, support and educate until the minor reaches maturity and capable of hold his or her own life. Meanwhile, the child owe respect and honor to his or her parents.It has to be understood that for Locke, the last-ditch good is reason and therefore, man and society should strive to become reasonable. The treatise of John Lockes Paternal Power began by first arguing that children are born into this state of natural freedom and equality but have not yet developed their faculties to become rationale and thus, cannot effectively dispense or pattern such freedom and equality. For Locke, children can only exercise their natural freedom, that is to the freedom to choose without the restraint or imposition of another and to reasonably exercise freedom, when they reach their adulthood and maturity of which he suggested the age of 21. Until then, the child has to be under the parents custody where parents can exercise parental power over the child until the child can take care of his or her own.Such that when children have not yet reach this maturity to become rational to exercise freedom, they have to be under the care, guidance and protection of their parents. They may have been born as equals but until they have acquire their freedom, they cannot be an equal.In is important to stress that for Locke, the become and fathe r holds equal responsibility in parenting and

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Discrimination in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Discrimination in the Workplace - Essay Example accordingly being able to show the adverse impact plays a very vital role in discriminatory practice allegations. This adverse impact refers to the total employment process. Those result in a importantly higher percentage of a protected group in the population being rejected for employment, military position or promotion.Along with the above we also destiny to consider that unfair treatment does not necessarily equal illegal dissimilitude. If an individual is treated differently from the others than the EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity laws) are being violated. in that respect drive out be a few specific kinds of discrimination taking place such as discrimination on the groundwork of cast color or creed , discrimination on the basis of age , sexual discrimination , disability discrimination etcIt is quite obvious that if we give birth employees facing discrimination issues at work and we as management have been unable to recogn ize or rectify those we hindquarters expect the productivity to go down seriously. All of this affects the forgiving mind which in turn affects the human behaviors and perception.Contributing further to the problem is the fact that most victims of discrimination do not sue or complain. Instead they quit or try to avoid situations wherein they would feel discriminated. The discriminators sometimes do not as yet realize that their behavior is off fetch uping others. So in this regard Workplace discrimination training and policies can reduce these problems. In order for us to be able to deal with discrimination effectively we need to follow the simple steps of Initially go aware of the anti discrimination laws, also becoming aware of how you can identify such occurrences at your workplace and try a put an end to them. Secondly, paying very close attention to what exactly the environment is at your workplace then once more it being vital that you are able to identify the discriminat ion occurring at your workplace. You as the management have to be very careful in assessing what is going on around you that are not similarly visible. In other words try reading between the lines. If you are deciding to give appraisals to a few employees in specific, make sure that all the employees get equal benefit out of your decision.

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Analyses of Articles on the Theme of Human Geography Assignment

Analyses of Articles on the floor of Human Geography - Assignment ExampleIn South Asia religion is diverse Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. India has a vigorous educated middle class. There is a shortage of housing in urban areas. Early marriages and tyke labor are common. 72% of Indians live in rural areas (Sahni 2011). Some environmental issues include deforestation, wildlife extinction, urban population and natural hazards. Bangladesh experiences massive flooding during the cyclone season. India faces lot deforestation which has led to the extinction of some wildlife species. The outlet of women in India is decreasing due to the preference of men to women (Sahni 2011). In central Asia, Afghanistan is a landlocked unpolished with a very harsh climate. There are very few sources of water and the available are polluted by industrial runoff. Forests have been cleared to give room for agriculture (Rogers 2010). Europe lies at a higher altitude which makes its climate milder. The la nguages spoken are diverse Germanic, romance, Slavic, Basque, Finish, Hungarian and Estonian. There is apparitional diversity which includes Islam, Secularism, Christianity, and Judaism. The population, in general, is declining due to a variety of factors such as increased wealth do small families a choice, women entering the workforce and housing shortages. The Alps in Europe are a sight to behold. They span into three countries namely Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. The increase in avalanches can be attributed to climate sort in Europe (thestar.blogs.com). East Asia comprises of four countries China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Chinas physical geography ranges from mountains, rivers, valleys, and basins in the grey part. 85% of Japans terrain is mountainous covered with forests. Industrial pollution affects the regions environment. another(prenominal) environmental hazard that faces East Asia region is earthquakes (New York Times, 2010).

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Summarize the Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Summarize the hold - Essay ExampleIt was ensured that each participant could be clinically observed during the 3 periods until onset of CVD or death. For final analysis participants for whom all data of somatic action at law was present and who had data on the selected confounders (smoking, married status, comorbidity and cholesterol level) were used for final study.The authors calculated the life foresight and the natural activity and found that slew with low physical activity extended to be older (mean age 62) and had more comorbidities than those with slightly higher physical activity. The authors also noticed that low and conceal activity groups had higher female proportion than the high activity group. The authors also found life expectancy increased with increased levels of physical activity. They found that the life expectancy of a sedentary person at 50 years was 1.5times shorter than those who engaged in some moderate physical activity at the same age. Also, people w ith high physical activity did not begin from CVD and hence had higher life expectancy.Since physical activity has a protective effect on wellness and increases life expectancy even with associated comorbidities it is important to understand their significance and contribution in life oddly after 50 years during which most people tend to give up work and keep abreast a sedentary life style. Older people who engage in physical activity tend to live longer because their system remains relatively free from diseases such CVD, risks and associated stress hence physical activity can somehow control aging for a minimum period of time thereby elonging life span by a few

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Prevention of Wound Infection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Prevention of Wound Infection - Essay exemplarHands must be decontaminated with alcoholic beverage found product later on receive with body fluids, excretions, mucous membrane contact, no intact skin contact, or bruise dressings as long as hold are not visibly soiled. After contact with a tolerants intact skin (as when taking a blood pressure) it excessively should be used. When it is necessary to move from a contaminated body site to a non-contaminated body site, before caring for longanimouss with neutropenia, before putting on sterile gloves for inserting catheters, when assistanceing with any procedure, and after removing gloves. Hand wash between every patient, when hands are visibly dirty and when cannot tolerate alcohol based products (CDC.gov)Standard precautions should be used with every patient, whether there is infection or not. The tenet authentic here is that all patients are colonized with some organism which you do not want to accommodate to the other patie nt (Edmonston, Krepe, WIlson, et.al, 2008). Using standard precautions means the use of gloves, and other barriers when necessary and Hand Washing. It also includes decent handling of patient care equipment and linen, environmental control, prevention of injury with sharps, and how patients are placed when admitted to a facility. When it becomes necessary, standard precautions must move to isolation precautions.Isolations precautions are determined by ... If a wound becomes infected, it is contact (Smeltzer, Bare, Hinkle, & Cheever, 2008).In the case of operative wound or other clean wound, however, there is more that provide need to be done, that is called aseptic technique. They include the use of only sterile materials within the sterile field. aseptic surfaces and articles may touch other sterile surfaces only. If they touch any other area, they are no yearner sterile. Knowing when to use sterile supplies and knowing when to use clean supplies becomes very important. Changing a surgical dressing correctly and retentiveness the area clean is important, as well as keeping the boilers suit patient and bedding clean.Policies are must be in place to assure that everyone is following wound care techniques as determined to be the scoop up at all times. Proper hygiene for the keep and all other healthcare workers is mandatory. Educating the patient as well as far as keeping hands away from dressing and washing hands often or using alcohol based solution and not laying things across a dressing. Disposal of rubbish is important using the proper technique and doing it often, especially if there is any kind of matter that contains any drainage or desiccated blood.Nutrition is not often thought of but patients do poorly and get infections faster if their nutritional status is not good. It may be important to supplement the patient that is unable to eat because of surgery, for example. The patient who has had abdominal surgery may need PPN or TPN to keep his prot ein levels high enough to help him heal. Moving the patient quickly not only stimulates circulation and bowel action but also helps the patient to prepare to go home faster and it is well know that being out of the hospital is the best thing for

Trade measures and commodities tariff and non-tariff barriers export Essay

Trade measures and commodities tariff and non-tariff barriers exportation taxes quantitative measures subsidies consumption taxes the - Essay ExampleFollowing is the discussion regarding the impact of measures in an in-depth manner. The aspect of tariffs and non-tariff barriers has been yearn observe to vex a direct impact on the pot sector. In order to rede the impact of these barriers on trade it is imperative to understand these barriers. Tariff barriers are basically inclinations of taxes which are comprise on the harvest-feasts and articles which are imported from other regions of the world. It should be noted that over the years, government has made give of the tariff barriers to control economic activity (Hont). The impact of the tariff barriers discount be noted presently as positive and negative as well. Since these tariffs limit the amount of ingatherings to be imported in the expanse, it is strong for the domestic brands to get maximum reach to the consumers. This makes it easier to note the articles which are more needed in the country rather than overly filling the shelves. But the fact remains that this limit also diverges the foreign investors to reprize their business in the region (Rawley and Behrendt). On the other hand, non-tariff barriers (NTBs) are notably more limiting when it comes to worldwide trade. The non-tariff barriers undertake a number of generalizations including the licensing of the import, content regulation which is applied till the time it is sent to the mart shelves (Klien). Also, technical barriers have also been considered as a more prominent limiting aspect of the NTBs. The trade barriers are merely applied to increase the trade, weaken the trade or restrict the trade. All the mentioned centralize of the trade barriers are being observed in the international trading widely (Bowden). The biggest impact which has been noted over the years is that tariff barriers weaken not on the dot the supply and demand pricing however also international trades between different countries. Overall, the border taxes, and other voluntary costs of the imports allows the government to advance a balance between the in-house domestic articles as well as international product fertilization in the market (Hirschman). The major concern which has been enhanced by the international economic authorities is that the non-trade barriers have merely limit the underdeveloped countries to trade their product for economic activity since the taxes and licensing needs a share of cost (Ransom). Also, export tax is another trade measure which has a very divergent aftermath on the trade which totally depends upon the market structure. It should be noted that the positive impact of the export tax on any countrys economy is in terms of domestic production (Hunt). It must be taken under account that if a country has a wider share of the international market with a respective product that it can be easier for it to refl ect change on the price of the product in the international market. It is due to the aid of export taxes that these countries can exploit price of a product in the international market. Overall, it can be said that with the help of export taxes, the export of the tax-imposing nation can be reduced by large (Dunkley). Followed by the above trade measures for limiting import, consumptions tax is just another measure which has marked a quiet

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Compare Movie Doubt with the Novel Doubt Research Paper

analyse Movie Doubt with the Novel Doubt - Research Paper ExampleIn Doubt A Parable these components are very articulate and emphatic. In the celluloid Doubt, the actress Meryl Streep overdoes the tyrant nuns act. The movies plot follows the play plot in every important issue, but has included a few extra scenes that do not come in the play. The scene involving the cat and the mouse was not part of the play but was incorporated into the movie. The quote who keeps opening my windows was not part of the play, but it was added in the movie to give it length as the play is shorter than the movie. In the movie the feminist angle was to a greater extent emphasized whereas in the play the racial tension is more pronounced. When a movie is adapted to a play script, some of the essence of the original work gets lost. In the case of Doubt, the playwright has been able to nurse the core essence of the struggle portrayed in the play and has managed to turn his simple stage takings into a pos t-Vatican II period piece. This is very evident in a particular scene where Meryl Streep had to carry through while rendering her dialogue. One of the most cathartic one liners of modern American theatre is I have so many doubts I have such, such doubts These lines were spoken when the script reached its most poignant moment.

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Social Media as a Business Strategy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Media as a argumentation Strategy - Term Paper ExampleSocial media also lets retailers create an awareness of their great products and following might share their business with friends and family growing exposure to the business. Through companionable media, retailers can advertise specials to augment the reach for their special promotions. Social media also lets retailers get involved with the customers. Retailers may get feedback through comments by the customers and be able to meet the clients needs. Also with social media, retailers can target specific demographics to get their give to the group of people they want to see their products (Brown, 2012, pp 1)In the video, the instructor starts by letting people complete that the facebook is where individuals go to spend time with friends. The video assures retailers that using facebook will help them reach a greater market. Facebook is where people build relationships with others that may eventually become customers. Fin d people with a similar brain and connect them. You should send them a short message informing them why you want to connect. Add as many you could since some may or may not accept your friendship request. It encourages the client to habit facebook since there is no investment required. It also guides retailers on how they can create a link to their website on their facebook profile. Retailers can also put a small note about who they are.The video starts by explaining the significance of social media and how it has exploded to ease up great numbers of users. It assures the retailer that there is a huge auditory sense on social media that they can take advantage to promote and even sell their products and services. The video explains that the social media platforms are different in how you connect with people. He points out that facebook is the leader for online marketing and plays a lively role in the success of retailers businesses. It informs the retailer that creating facebo ok page is a work in progress, which does not have to

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Management, Motivation, & Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management, Motivation, & Leadership - Essay ExampleThey then employ every strategy in pursuance of the target (McGrath, 2011).Eagles know and stick to their moral principles. An eagle will never feed on dead meat, however, hungry it is. Great leaders know and stick to their principles irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. Honesty to oneself and others is a virtue for any successful leader (McGrath, 2011).The eagle family is one of a kind where the male has to influence the womanish well enough beforehand they can mate. This may involve building nests that the female has to revere and to be patient enough to the teasing of the female eagle. As a leader, you need to develop popular opinion skills so that you can withstand the competition in the market. Sometimes, as a leader you have to go extra mile to win the trust of your followers or partners when trying to cut a blood deal (McGrath, 2011).The eagle character is to use challenges to its advantage. For instance, when there is a storm and every other snigger is hiding the eagle uses the storm to rise higher. This character is an important principle for any successful leader. When something unthought happens to alter your plan, and then a great leader seeks for an opportunity in the challenge t carry out greater dreams (McGrath, 2011).A female eagle makes decision based on trust that is developed over time. She tests teases the male with twigs to test his commitment before mating. A great leader makes a decision by and by thorough search of relevant information and evaluation of probable risks involved (McGrath, 2011).An eagle coaches the eaglets to fly by either throwing them out of the nest or taking them to heights, release them and then follow them to catch them before they can fall to the ground. A good leader should be able to model others for future lead (McGrath, 2011).Both the male and female eagles participate in the building of a nest where the female lays eggs. The female lays eg gs and protects them while the male builds a

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Practitioner Values in Dementia - Portfolio 1 Essay

Practitioner Values in Dementia - Portfolio 1 - Essay Example1). It will also look at values and government legislations as respectable basis for healthcare. People with dementia are losing their memory, especially those that are aging (US National Library of Medicine, 2012, p. 1). The dysfunction in their brain has serious effect to their memory and their ability to communicate. Though this unsoundness is common among elderly, still this is not normal for all of those that are aging (US National Library of Medicine, 2012, p. 1). Whitehouse,Price,Struble,Clark,Coyle,and Delon (1982) explained memory liberation of enduring with dementia and Alzheimer based on evidences indicating that the nucleus basalis of Meynert, a distinct population of basal forebrain neurons, is the denotation of cholinergic innervation of the cerebral cortex (pp. 1237-1239). Post-mortem research illustrated the profound reduction in the presynaptic markers for cholinergic neurons in the cortex of patient s with Alzheimers disease and senile dementia of the Alzheimers type (Whitehouse et al., 1982, pp. 1237-1239). Research further bared that memory loss is associated to that neurons of the nucleus basalis of Meynert which undergo a profound and selective depravation at more than 75% in these patients and provide a pathological substrate of the cholinergic deficiency in their brains (Whitehouse et al., 1982, pp. 1237-1239). Demonstration of selective degeneration of such neurons represents the first documentation of a loss of a transmitter-specific neuronal population in a major disorder of higher cortical function and, as such, points to a critical subcortical lesion in Alzheimers patients (Whitehouse et al., 1982, pp. 1237-1239). Recent analysis of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), involving representative sample of Health and retirement Study (HRS), bared that health care for people with dementia have increasing emotional and visible demands (Vaughn, 2013, p. 1). Thus, add to the financial burden for care. It also inspires the National Health Institute to find effective intervention for Alzheimers disease and dementia, too (Vaughn, 2013, p. 1). Through NAPA, health expert established and enforced National intend to Address Alzheimers Disease the institution also capitalized on research and development of BRAIN initiative, with the choke off of the president, to generate approaches to broaden our understanding on the neurological disorders, inclusive of neurological disorders and Alzheimer (Vaughn, 2013, p. 1). Dementia is an illness that could be genetically inherited by offspring from their elders or parents. Alzheimer is considered as the worst form of dementia which may appear at 65 years of age or further (Alzheimers.org, 2013b, p. 1). Hence, health practitioners call this a familial disease. Vascular and fronto-temporal dementias are other forms of dementia (Alzheimers.org, 2013b, p. 1). The first can be developed by high cholesterol levels i n their bodies. Other milder forms of dementia which can be detected at an anterior age are dementia with Lewy bodies, Downs syndrome, and Huntingtons disease (Alzheimers.org, 2013b, p. 1) Medical experts admitted difficulty in determining the cost of dementia care, both in formal and informal setting, because majority of those who suffered in this illness has also multiple medical

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In what ways are the state and the law patriarchical institutions Essay

In what ways are the state and the law patriarchical institutions - Essay Exampleregarded an embodiment of strength and knowledge, they were inclined to be in charge of the social structure to which, in olden times, left women practically incompetent everywhere men. Holy scriptures that date back two thousand years ago adorn how women were thought to be of no essence. 1 Timothy 216 I permit no woman to inform or fetch ascendance over men. She is to keep silent.The supremacy of a Patriarchic society extends farthest beyond the realms of sexuality, family units, employment and employment compensations, male-on-female hostilities, edifying associations, and the state. (eSSORTMENT, 2002)When society began to depict the roles of men as heads of nations and kingdoms, pioneers of expeditions and discoveries, brave heroes of war, engineers of engineering and infrastructure, great thinkers and philosophers, etc., it unconsciously instilled prejudicial thoughts -- that there exists an in ferior gender, the female gender. (Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia, 2008)A State is a defined group of people, living within defined territorial boundaries and more or less athletic field to an autonomous legal system exercising jurisdiction through properly constituted courts (Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia, 2008)We have mentioned how men were able to superintend the social structure several thousand years ago habituated the perception of his intelligence to lead, ability to provide for the family, and biological physique that exuded strength and courage. Historically, men were able to illustrate the relationships of superiority and inferiority in society such as master-slave, strong-weak, leader-follower, parent-child, masculine-feminine, patriarch-matriarch, etc. As the dominant figures or spheres in society, men were able to select principal or exceptional people to constitute authority or governance and thus, forming the state. With the existence of the state, laws of societ y were established which were inclined to be patriarchal in nature. The parameters of

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Data Protection Act 1998 Essay Example for Free

selective information Protection Act 1998 EssayDuring face to face and telephone conversation you should always be strong mannered, presentable and speak with appropriate language and be informative to the conversation at hand. What type of unbelieving you as a therapist should use You should always use open and closed questions when dealing with a lymph gland, open question e. g. what treatments give you had before. A closed question e. g. have had this treatment before. Personal doingsYour in-person behaviour should always be professional and informative to the clients needs so you give the best options to your client with the next professional presentation. Personal professional presentation Your professional personal presentation should always be clean, neat and fresh smelling and meet the salons rules and regulation, because the first person the client meets and sees is you, and you should show a good presentation because your jobs is to make the client look and tact ile property more beautiful whilst selling products to them.Data protection and retentiveness information Data protection and storage of information should always be followed to the data protection act regulations, to avoid any information be found be someone inappropriate and used in a harmful way. This information should be stored away in a locked cupboard or on computer with a password. measures and costsTiming and costs should always be memorised and learnt by all staff members to ensure the salon runs efficiently, that the clients are head informed on procedures and prices and so that there is no dispute with the information given and that treatments won go over causing over booking of the therapist and loss of profits for the salon. How to maintenance payments safe and mend Payments should be kept safe and secure in a cash register with a give away or electronic lock, and only people of authority should have a replicate of a copy of the keys or codes.What types of prob lems that may occur in the salon Miss-informed treatment prices leading to an unhappy customer. Clients being latish for appointments and being turned away or asked to wait due to time keeping the receptionist and therapist has to keep to run a smooth salon. Contra-actions due to a reaction to certain treatments leading to an unhappy client. every(prenominal) of these problems should be referred to the salon manager or owner to deal with, as you as the therapist have no jurisdiction here, unless you are salon manager.

Good Education vs. Bad Education Essay Example for Free

peachy breeding vs. Bad Education EssayPersuasive Research Paper By K ben Elzy Date July 25, 2010 Course COM 220 Teacher Sherry Ann Smith keen Education vs. Bad Education Does unity think he or she plenty personate precise far with surface having a great procreation? Statistics shows that people with a great culture argon lots more than successful than those who do not receive a great education. galore(postnominal) people who polish from high school and college argon guaranteed to drive a better job and higher personate than those who scram never complete their high school or college education. on that point are some teachers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, and many early(a) higher educated people who project succeeded with farther education than people who wish not to succeed and not get an education. Good education is better than blighted education be bowel movement the gist leave be much greater with a earnest education than with a wondering(a) unmatc hed. Nelson Mandela stated that, Education is the more or less powerful weapon which integrity prat use to change the world. This is true. Every human should want to be educated, because the world is full of technology which influences our world greatly.People who are not educated enough will surely be uniformed and left behind in todays society. Technology is in business officers, schools, hospitals, doctor offices, stores, homes, and many other places. Today, the school systems start off with teaching the schoolchilds how to use computers in kindergarten. The students are using this knowledge that they assimilate learned from school and relating it to their erects. Parents should keep their children in school so they can learn everything which world taught by the instructor, and by doing this, the outcome will be rewarding.Teachers are a gift to students and parents because they are teaching the students everything that there is to learn about education. Without teachers , students will not learn the knowledge they need to succeed in this world without a unspoilt education. umpteen surveys show that a secure teacher from the 1920-1980s are more experienced in age in teaching than those teachers who are fresh out of college. Older teachers accept more experience and knowledge in child learning than college teacher who just beginning and this very matters.Many new teachers cannot explain riddles to their students when they write it on the broad. This is what I vociferate terrible education, because the student cannot figure the problem out either. When students are failing because of these situations this is when the teacher should call the parent in to see if they could work out a way to help solve this problem together. Many teachers today are not concern about the outcome of their students, so it is very principal(prenominal) for the parent keep in contact with that teacher and their child grades.This is when bad education is a break out of the student and the teacher who is teaching. Many student drops out of school because of lack of consistency they receive. Having a earnest education will ensure matchless to select a better job than any wiz who does not wee an education. By continuing sensations education and getting a college degree, applying for study jobs will not be such(prenominal) a hassle. The reason being is because most companies directly look at the education section of an application or resume. The perks with having a good job will be such as paid vacations, top salaries, 401k, good insurance packages, and many others.Many people may start out in a great established company and learn everything about it then continue or progress their own business and become more successful than that previous business. Having knowledge causes all these successes. How can one have a good job without learning skills from education? Many jobs are skillful and furthering education will help with a much more ski lled jobs or profession. back up education by talking to the students will bring love, wealth, values, and family respect.When students feel they do not have any cost increase they will drop out of school, some will go to jail, depression, drug abuse, and steal the results of this are a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Going to school is not just about being there physically. It is beta to lucre really close attention to what the instructor is teaching. Clowning around would be a very horrible idea. This can cause one to miss important information for ones emerging work. Employers will not take him or her seriously if they look at ones transcript and thinks they have goofed off while in school.They will think that it will be brought to their workplace. Furthermore, paying attention will guarantee one the skills that can help in their future workplace this can help one to gain faster than other employees. This can help one to get a promotion and earn a better pay. Having a b ad education will really hurt one. Going to a school in which appropriate information is not taught is not such a good idea. This will cause someone not to find a good job. Employers may think that important skills are lacked of their job. Bad education will definitely not lead to a great place.Poverty will be definitely in question that will cause ones family to suffer. In question why would one want to suffer do to this bad outcome? The economy today is suffering enough, and education should be ones top priority to help with tomorrows economy. The economy is suffering from lack of jobs and has caused many people to become roofless. If some of the people would have finish their education then some of them would not be homeless due to the economy. Many homeless children do not attend school because of their situation.Many kids are being teased by other children because of their homeless situation, this cause a problem in education as well. Homeless kids are rated highly in educatio n than some children who attend daily. Many children miss out on education because of being homeless. Many people were deprived of continuing their education due to lack of funding. Today people are successfully continuing their education because of grants and low interest rates on loans for education. on that point are people who have not attended school for a long period and due to available funds have returned.The president of the United States of America has helped grade this possible for adults and others to go back to school. Many opportunities through programs as these help to better education. If some of these programs were offered earlier maybe most people would have finished school. There are things that can cause bad education. For example, mental and physical abuse can cause one to have a low self esteem about them. If someone were to lose a parent or someone close to them this would cause him or her to avoid school. Many kids bully other kids and cause them to drop ou t or not wanting to return to school at all.Parents need to pay close attention to his or her children in order to give away sure he or she is not facing any of these problems. Many schools pay close attention to children attitudes to see if any changes have occurred. There have been many reports about abuse and kids who suffer in their education because of such reason. There are after school programs to help further children education, and to help working parent who do not have the proper time with helping their children with their homework. These programs are designed to help with homework, study skills, testing, and behavior conduct.There are many dedicated teachers and teacher aides who take the time out to help children advance in his or her education. Many parents are very grateful to these teachers and teacher aides for their time and effort in helping his or her children. Through these programs many children have passed leaped and other important test for school. These chil dren who attend these programs have good study habits and are very dedicated to their learning. The outcome help the children score higher on different test and help them to become honor and respectable.Distinguishing good and bad education is not great(p) to do. A good education can include a school and/or instructor see and talking to their students. A good school and/or instructor will build their students confidence to fuck off them feel like learning, participating in schoolroom activities, and getting to know the students parents. A good education can also include such things as, after school tutoring, respecting and giving respect, and make their students get involved however, it is not limited to these things. Having a good education guide will make the student understand all material efficiently.For example, the instructor will make sure everything is explained fluently and is understood, their classroom will be in order. They will make sure the material is not boring a nd make sure their students are alert they will care and make sure to encourage their students on how important their work is and how far it will take them in life if they complete it and earn their diplomas. A bad education is kicking out a student for asking a question that the instructor may have answered or may have not patience is very important when it comes to education.If an instructor is rude(a) and unenthusiastic, it can make the student feel as if they need not to complete the course. However, if the instructor assay and help challenge them, the student will look forward to getting their education and make sure to make every class. If an instructor shows that they are only there to get a paycheck, this can more than likely stop the enthusiasm of the student. A bad instructor can indeed make their student feel dumb which can cause a student to be a dropout and end up as a statistic.Remember education is important so the school, instructor, and student shall take it serio usly. A good education will help one get a great job that has a good pay and great benefits. The result of a good education can lead to making friends that can be there for a lifetime and a possible business partner. However, if one receives a bad education, if can lead to a road of failure. Bad education will really hurt one in the long run he or she may not be able to get a good job, a steady job, and may end up living in poverty.Employers may think that one lack some skills and give one a very low position and may be even under paid. The economy will not suffer if everyone would stay in school and receive their education. Thanks to the many opportunities of grants and loans to help further education, it can really make everyones future bright. If people would pay close attention to kids they can see if they are facing major problems that are preventing one from their education. After school programs are very helpful in helping students to advance in their studies, and it is also a great tool to their parents as well.In order for one to succeed, one must be in an effective school system with reliable material being taught. single must also have an instructor to encourage them and help out if the understanding is not present. Encouraging education by talking to the students will bring love, wealth, values, and family respect. If the encouragement is not present and/or a bad education would be received by the student which can cause them all kinds of downfalls in the future. Staying in school, being focused and getting their proper education are the goals in being successful.In conclusion, good education is better than a bad education because the outcome is much better and the future will look much better with a good education rather than a bad education. As Nelson Mandela says, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Many doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, public speakers, and even teachers and students have really cha nged our world today. Education is the key to everyones success story. Good Education Vs. Bad Education References Hein, Karen. Young People as Assets A Foundation View. Social indemnity 30. 1 (1999) 20. General One File. Web. 13 June 2010.

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Nursing and Health Care Essay Example for Free

breast feeding and Health C be Essay1. In 1200 B.C., the ill were treated with a mixture of physical, prayer, and magic spells. Temples were health centers. From the 1st-10th century initial care was at the local bishops house. They had deacons and deaconesses. In the 19th century, books cared for perseverings while at the risk of exposure to unhealthiness. Nursing in hospitals expanded in the 19th century, provided care for the communities did not increase significantly until 1893 when the Henry street Settlement opened and focused on the health needs of poor people who lived in tenements in New York City. 2.3. Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities pr numberion of illness and injury alleviation of suffering by the diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. 4. She saw the role of treat as having charge of near somebodyates health based on the knowled ge of how to put the body in such a state to be free of disease or to recover from disease. She was the scratch line nurse epidemiologist who connected poor sanitation with cholera and dysentery. 5. There were no hackneyeds to help control disease. Nursing was not a distinct profession.6. Florence Nightingale-implemented methods to improve battlefield sanitation, which ultimately reduced illness, infection, and mortality. Clara Barton- 1st woman to clear up employment in the federal government and is the fo under of the American Red Cross and tended to soldiers on the battlefield, killing their wounds, meeting their basic needs and comforting them in death. Dorothea Lynde Dix-School teacher, founded schools, advocate for the mentally ill, formed an army breast feeding corps, and organized hospitals and ambulatory services. Mary Eliza Mahoney- 1st African-American RN in the USA, concerned with relationships betwixt cultures and races, Cofounder of The subject Association of Col ored People.Isabel Hampton Robb- founder of modern ANA and American care for theory, established treat standards, develop a grading policy, author of treat textbooks. Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster opened the Henry Street Settlement. 7. Theories are designed to develop a phenomenon such as self-care or caring. A nursing theory is a conceptualization of some aspect of nursing that describes, explains, predicts, or prescribes nursing. It helps to identify the focus, means, and goals of give. Theories give us perspective for assessing our perseverings bits and organizing data and methods for analyzing and interpreting information. desegregation of theory into send is the basis for professional nursing.PROFESSIONALISM1. Caring, Competence, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Commitment to Holistic care, Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability. 2. A profession requires a basic liberal foundation and an extended education of its members, it has a supposed body of knowledge preeminent to designated skills, abilities, and norms, it provides a specific service, members of a profession have autonomy in decision bewilder and practice, and the profession as a whole has a code of ethics for practice. 3. LPNAssociate distributor point in Nursing (ADN)- 2 year program that focuses on the basic sciences and theoretical and clinical courses related to to the practice of nursing. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)- 4 year programs that focuses on the basic sciences theoretical and clinical courses and courses in the social sciences, arts, and humanities to support the nursing theory Masters Degree- is crucial for the roles of a nurse educator and nurse administrator, and it is required for an advanced(a) practice registered nurse specifyal* Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- Emphasize more basic research and theory and research-oriented * Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)- practice-focused and provides skills in obtaining expanded knowledge through the formula tion and interpretations of show up-based practice 4. Caregiver- help patients maintain and regain health, manage disease and symptoms, and attain a maximal level function and independence through the healing process. Advocate- protect your patients human and legal rights and provide assistance in asserting these rights if the need arises. Educator- explain concepts and facts most health, describe the reason for routine care activities, demonstrate procedures such as self-care activities, reinforce learning or patient behavior, and evaluate the patients progress in learning. Communicator- it allows you to know your patients strengths, weaknesses, and their needs.Without it you cannot give comfort and randy support, make decisions with patients and families, give care effectively, protect patients from threats to well-being, coordinate and manage patient care, assist in patient rehabilitation, or provide patient education. Manager- uses appropriate leadership styles to create a nu rsing environment for the patients and module that reflect the mission and set of the health care organization. 5. Licensure- Must pass NCLEX to receive license. This provides a standard minimized knowledge base for nurses. 6. Certified by national nursing organizations in about 20 specific fields of nursing practice. After passing an exam, maintain certification by completing CEUs.7. According to Benner, an smart nurse passes through five levels of proficiency when acquiring and developing generalist or specialized nursing skills. Novice-beginning nursing student learns via a specific set of rules or procedures. Advanced Beginner-Nurse has had some level of witness, whitethorn be observational, but is able to identify meaningful aspects or principles of nursing care. Competent- establish long-range goals, and has been in the same position for 2-3 years with an understanding of organization and specific care required by the compositors case of patient. Proficient- Same clinica l position for 2-3 years, focuses on managing care, and is able to assess an entire situation and can promptly transfer knowledge gained from multiple previous experiences to a situation. Expert-can focus on multiple dimensions of a situation and has an intuitive grasp of an existing or potential clinical problem. Skilled at identifying patient-centered problems and problems related to the health care system. 8.9. Advanced Practice Nurse-most independent nurse, has masters degree in nursing advanced education in pathophysiology, pharmacology, and physical assessment and certification and expertise in a specialized area of practice-clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, and certified RN anesthetist. Nurse Educator-works primarily in schools of nursing, round development department of health care agencies, and patient education departments. Must have experience in clinical practice to provide them with practical skills and theoretical knowl edge. Nurse Administrator- manages patient care and the tar of specific nursing services inside a health care agency. Examples assistant nurse manager, nurse manager, house supervisor, director of nursing, and chief nurse executive or vice president. Nurse Researcher- investigates problems to improve nursing care and further define and expand the scope of nursing practice.10. National League for Nursing-advances excellence in nursing education to prepare nurses to meet the needs of a diverse population in a changing health care environment. American Nurses Association- improves standards of health and availability of health care, to foster high standards for nursing, and to encourage the professional development and general and economic welfare of nurses. International Council of Nursing- promote national associations of nurses, improving standards of nursing practice, seeking higher status for nurses, and providing an international power base for nurses. National scholar Nurses Association/ Student Nurse Association of PA- consider issues of importance to nursing students such as career development and preparedness for licensing. Specialty Organizations- seek to improve the standards of practice, expand nursing roles, and foster the welfare of nurses within specialty areas. disoblige journals and present educational programs. 11.12. Problem-solving approach to clinical practice that involves the conscientious use of current best evidence, on with clinical expertise and patient preferences and values in making decisions about patient care. 13. Ask a clinical question that is problem focused. Collect the most relevant and best evidence. Critically appraise the evidence you gather. Integrate all evidence with ones clinical expertise and patient preferences and values in making a practice decision or change. Evaluate the practice decision or change. region knowledge.LEGAL ISSUES IN NURSING PRACTICE1. Statutory Law- compose by state legislature and U.S. Co ngress-may be a civil or criminal offense. Civil laws protect the rights of individuals within our society and provide for jolly and equitable treatment when civil wrongs or violations occur. Fines or community service and examples are malpractice or negligence. felon laws protect society as a whole and provide punishment for crimes, which are defined as municipal, state, and federal legislation-felony or misdemeanor. Administrative Law (Regulatory Law)-reflects decisions made by administrative bodies such as advance Boards of Nursing when they pass rules and regulations. Common Law-results from judicial decision made in courts when individual legal cases are decided-informed consent, patients right to refuse treatment, negligence, and malpractice. 2. Federal laws- body of laws that were created by the federal government of the country. Emergency Medical word and shamive Labor Law (EMTALA)- when patient comes to emergency department an appropriate medical screening occurs withi n the capacity of the hospital- cannot discharge or transfer patient until they are stable. The Health Care Quality avail Act of 1986.Patient Bill of Right- became patient care partnership given out to patients. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)- prohibits dissimilitude and ensures for persons with disabilities equal opportunities in employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation. People with HIV do not have to disclose their disability. Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA)-requires health care institutions to provide written information to patients concerning their right under state law to make decisions including the right to refuse treatment and get advance directives. Patients records need to document whether or not the patient has signed an advance directive. For living wills or durable powers of attorney for health care to be enforceable, the patient must be legally butterfingered or lack to the ca pacity to make decisions regarding health care treatment. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-protects individuals from losing their health care insurance when changing jobs by providing portability.These rules create patient rights to consent to the use and revelation of their protected health information, to inspect and copy ones medical record, and to amend mistaken or incomplete information. State Laws-Mandatory Reporting Laws-communicable diseases, school immunizations, suspected neglect and abuse, legal immunity provided to the reporter, may establishment civil or criminal action if nor reported. Good Samaritan Laws-limit liability and offer legal immunity if a nurse helps at the scene of an accident. Nurse Practice Act- describe and define the legal boundaries of nursing practice within each state. Scope of Practice-perform a procedure in which you have training for, distinguishes between nursing and malpractice. 3. RN-licensed and educated in nursin g process and critical thinking responsible for who you delegate to. LPN- licensed but does not cover assessment of patient. Can collect data but must give to nurse. NA/PCT- not licensed 4. Standards of care are set by ANA and are the legal requirements for nursing practice that describe the minimum acceptable nursing care. Nurse practice act defines scope of nursing practice, distinguishing between nursing and medical practice and establishing education and licensure requirements for nurses. Internal-Standards defined within hospital. External- developed by ANA and TJC-accredited body of the hospital-health department.5. naturalized to help accredited organizations address specific areas of concern in regards to patient safety. Identify patients correctly. Improve staff communication. Use medicines safely. Prevent infection. Identify patient safety risks. Prevent mistakes in surgery. 6. Advance directive involve living wills, health care proxies, and durable powers of attorney fo r health care. They are based on values of informed consent, patient autonomy over end-of-life decisions, truth telling, and control over the dying process. 7. Living wills map out written documents that direct treatment in accordance with a patients wishes in the event of a terminal illness or condition. The patient is able to declare which medical procedures he or she wants or does not want when terminally ill or in a vegetative state. constant Power of Attorney for health care is a legal document that designates a person or persons of ones choosing to make health care decisions when the patient is no longer able to make decisions on his or her own behalf. 8.9.10. Negligence is conduct that falls below a standard of care. Courts define negligence cases as the degree of care that an ordinarily careful and prudent person would use under the same or similar circumstances. 11. Malpractice is a type of negligence and is often referred to as professional negligence. When nursing care falls below a standard of care, nursing malpractice occurs. 12. Assault- any action that places a person in apprehension of a harmful or offensive contact without consent. Battery-any intentional touching without consent. paradoxical Imprisonment-unjustified restraint of a person without legal warrant and requires the patient be aware of confinement. Defamation of Character- exit of false statements that result in damage to a persons reputation. Invasion of Privacy- the release of a patients medical information to an unauthorized person such as a member of the press, the patients employer, or the patients family. Breach of Confidentiality-

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Identity of African American Men Essay Example for Free

Identity of Afri cannister American Men EssayNo completelyegory can apprehend completely the complexity of social dynamics in the U. S. Melting pot ignores the persistence and reconfiguration of the ethnicity everyplace the generations. Mosaic, to a greater extent than more(prenominal) apt for pluralistic societies such as Kenya or India, is too static a metaphor it fails to take in to account the easy penetration of many ethnic boundaries. Nor is salad bowl appropriate the ingredients of a salad bowl be mixed but do not change. Rainbow is a tantalizing metaphor, but rainbows disappear. Symphony, wish well rainbow, implies near perfect harmony both fail to take into account the variety and range of ethnic conflict in the United States. The al more or less accurately descriptive metaphor, the one that best explains the dynamics of ethnicity, is kaleidoscope. American ethnicity is kaleidoscopic, i. e. complex and varied, changing form, pattern, color continually shifting from one set of relations to another apace changing. When a kaleidoscope is in motion, the parts give the appearance of relationships.The viewer sees and endless variety of variegated patterns, exclusively as takes place on the American ethnic landscape. - Lawrence Fuchs (Literature for Composition 1032) Identity in America was the fore chosen by my English 201 study group. This theme was taken from chapter twenty two of the Literature for fade Reading and Writing Arguwork forcet text book. However, I focuse the broad theme of Identity in America to the more narrowed theme of The Display of African American custody in the media. I chose this theme or topic because I felt that I can relate to it and as a matter of fact, it was in addition interesting to me. But in order to conduct my seek on the position topic, I came up with the following question, How has the identity of African American manpower been displayed by the media negatively or positively? This question was chosen in order to provoke an argu ment for discussion. I conducted several(prenominal) interviews in order to acquire information about my selected topic.The medias display of the identity of African American men can be discussed or looked at from two angles negatively or positively. First, from my experience I can say that the media displays African American men in both lights, negatively and positively. But after conducting interviews with several individuals, my panorama has somewhat changed. I was always aware of the negative images of African/ blacken men in the media. But I was not aware that this display had evolved overtime. My first interview was conducted with April T.Glasgow, a communications study at the University of the Virgin Islands on Wednesday 20th February 2008, at approximately ten oclock in the morning. We conducted the interview at her dorms lobby. I had explained the topic prior to meeting with her, so she already had an idea about what issue the discussio n would be addressing. Generally, her opinion was that black men were being victimised and portrayed negatively by the media. She also express strongly that black men were too very much portrayed or given the roles of thugs, gangsters, and pimps in films and magazines.In addition, a suggestion she made on how we could patch up this stereotype was that black people must unite and stand up against these negative portrayals especially those in rap music videos. The second interview was carried out that same day with Professor Alex Randall. His general statements were that the media has changed over the years. The negative portrayals of the 1960s and 1970s have changed, Randall verbalize. Randall felt that in modern times, people of color were handle more fairly and given a more positive portrayal in the media.Randall stated that in that respect were many positive images in the media of African Americans, such as Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, and Bill Cosby. In addition, Randall said that in previous years no such image could have been seen in the media. We are rational pitying beings and its our choice to choose what part of the spectrum of negative and positive images we would want to emulate, said Randall. This statement impacted me and slightly changed my opinion on the topic. At that point in conducting my primary research for the paper, my position on the topic has somewhat been altered.After conducting the interviews with April T. Glasgow and Professor Alexander Randall I have become more subject minded to the issue. I would admit that I was initially a bit biased and reserved on the topic prior to evaluating the topic from both sides negatively and positively. In order to decide which position I was going to take I would have to do more secondary research on the topic. Since I started this research paper my observation and assessment of the media have taken a different turn.I at one time compare and contrast men of other races in the media to African American men. My secondary research was, for the most part, completed using net income sources. The denominations that I find on the web were very useful and contributed greatly to my research. Three internet obligates were analyzed to achieve the secondary data for my paper. The first bind I judged was The Medias Bias against black men in America. The article was basically a discussion of a piece written in the in the alto imparther York Times about the plight of American black men.The author, Armstrong Williams, stated that the New York Times article was another example of major media outlets using negative statistics to consistently cast black men as the scourge of this country. Williams made several strong and interesting statements throughout the article that I thought was beneficial to this research paper. For example, according to Williams, The continual coverage of the black mans plight instead of his leave notwithstanding hinders his growt h, holds back our country from true equality, and hides the truth about the opportunities and challenges that we all face(Williams 4).Williams also suggested that the American public should challenge the lack of coverage of American black progress in this country (Williams 5). In the last century black men have literally gone from being slaves to business owners, organisation leaders, lawyers, doctors, firemen, generals, entertainers, and educators. No other oppressed path of people anywhere else in the world has advanced its stand up in a society this quickly (Williams 6). I was really impressed by the way Armstrong use this statement to present his argument.In addition, Williams stated that the incidence of drug use, crime, scandal, divorce, and other social ills have change magnitude dramatically for white men, but these statistics are not insureed as problems about white men in America (Williams 6). Approximately 9 out of 10 serial killers are white males between the ages o f twenty and thirty five. Yet we never hear these statistics repeated over and over again in the mainstream press, making these crimes synonymous with one particular race as in this case with blacks (Williams 9). Later in the article Williams explained the image the media is creating internationally.The overseas media continuously places black men in negative positions such as school dropouts, irresponsible fathers, and victims of perpetual racism. The manner in which these stories are constructed and then, displayed to listeners and readers eliminates the possibility of believing that black men do not have positive roles (Williams 10). Therefore, I agree with Williams that the repetitive negative articles can bring into being a vicious cycle of harmful images and low expectations of black men. The lightlessness Image in the etiolate Mind is the title of the second internet article that I examined.The article was useful in constructing my opinion on the topic of how African Ameri can men are displayed in the media whether negatively or positively. The article presented some useful statistical data that was quite interesting and yet shocking to me. In this article by Robert M. Entman, he stated that a mug shot of a Black defendant is quaternity times more likely to appear in a local television news inform than of a White defendant (Entman 2). He went on to say that the acc utilize is two times more likely to be shown physically restrained in a local television news communicate than when the accused is a white man (Entman 2).According to Entman, The name of the accused is two times more likely to be shown on screen in a local TV news report if the defendant is black, rather than white (Entman 2). In addition, he stated that while black actors are this instant more visible in media, it is an open question as to how well they are being equal (Entman 2). The Third article that I examined was Black youth and mass media current research and emerging questions and I found it to be the most interesting of the three.This article was written by Craig Watkins, an Associate Professor of Sociology and Radio-Television- get at the University of Texas at Austin. The article was basically an outline of some of the important research findings and emergent issues that examine the changing relationship between black American youth and the mass media industry (Watkins 5). Watkins stated that for most of its history the mass media industry has produced images that distort and misrepresent the complexities of the African American experience (Watkins 9).He stated that contemporary media representations of African Americans can be best described as paradoxical because blacks are simultaneously underrepresented and overrepresented in American media culture (Watkins 9). According to Watkins, blacks are underrepresented in many areas of mass media they are over represented in television sports broadcasts and crime and violence related portrayals (Watkins 13 ). Watkins said that images of blacks in magazines have increase but they are predominantly portrayed in athletic roles. According to Watkins, African American men are more likely to appear as athletes or musicians (Watkins 14).The strongest statement throughout the article was when Watkins stated that the athleticization of the black men in the media reproduces and popularizes long-standing myths about biological and intellectual differences between blacks and whites (Watkins 15). Further analysis of Watkins article indicated that when African Americans are portrayed in television news it is generally in aggressive, violent, or guilty roles. Also, a recent analysis of the film industry asserts that blacks tend to be restricted to low compute features that focus disproportionately on crime, violence, and youth delinquency.The repetitious display of blacks in athletic roles creates a moderate range of adult and professional role models for young black males being that they are fac ed with only few media images of successful African American men. The internet articles that I examined clearly showed that thither is strong attest to prove that African American men are negatively and unfairly displayed in the media. After examining these internet articles, I felt that even though they were some positive images of African American men in the media the majority of images are in some way biased or negative.After evaluating and examining my internet sources, I turned back my attention to my English 201 text book, Literature for Composition Reading and Writing Arguments to get some more insight on the matter. While reading through chapter twenty-three, I came up on a quote from Lawrence Fuchs that I found to be tied in well with my overall all theme of identity in America. I decided to place this quote at the beginning of the research paper a sort of introduction to the overall theme. I chose this quote because it describes the complexity and internal conflicts of id entity in America.Speaking of conflicts between identities, Hotel Rwanda is a film that displays such conflict to the extreme. This film was shown in class by my English professor because she said that it was in some way related to our theme and that it could also be used as a part of our secondary research. I did not really fancy the connection with our theme until I saw the film. Hotel Rwanda is a historical drama about the hotel manager capital of Minnesota Rusesabagina played by Don Cheadle during the Rwandan genocide and was directed by Terry George in 2004.The characterisation is genuinely based on the Rwandan genocide that occurred in 1994 where almost one million of both Tutsi and Hutu individuals were killed. In the movie which is a reflection of what actually took place, the media was used to instigate conflicts between the Tutsi and Hutu. Throughout the actual conflict the media was used as a tool to falsely display Tutsis as the scourge of Rwanda. For example, the rad io station, RTLM was used to spread negative and hate messages about the Tutsis such as Why do we hate the Tutsis? They are cockroachesRwanda is Hutu land. (United Arts. Dir.Terry George. United States, 2004) All in all, it is quite evident from the primary and secondary research that there are both negative and positive displays of African American men in the media. Since the interviews I am more aware that the display of African Americans has changed over time for the better. However, from the Internet articles I have discovered that there are still a lot of negative images of African American men in the media. In addition, I learned that there are still many biases when presenting African American men in media whether on radio, television, or magazines.Overall, the research was very interesting and informative. April T. Glasgow and Professor Alexander Randall were very adjuvant in making my research paper a success. From carrying out this research paper I was equal to(p) to con duct some interesting interviews, especially with Professor Randall. I was truly able to critically hand over and analyze the investigation in addition to improving my overall research skills. The research process was a learning experience that I will never forget. Works Cited Barnet, Sylvan, Burto William and Cain E. William. Literature for Composition.New York Longman, 2007. Entman, Robert and Rojecki, Andrew. Media and its Portrayal of Black Americans. racerelations. about. com. New York. 2008. . Glasgow, April T. Personal Interview. 20 Feb. 2008. Hotel Rwanda. Dir. Terry George. Lions Gate Films and United Artists, 2004. Randall, Alexander. Personal Interview. 20 Feb. 2008. Watkins, S. Craig, Black young person and Mass Media Current Research and Emerging Questions. http//www. rcgd. isr. umich. edu/prba/perspectives/winter2000/cwatkins. pdf. Williams, Armstrong. The Medias Bias Against Black Men in America. 31 March 2006. .

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Signal Cable Company Essay Example for Free

foretoken Cable familiarity EssayCase 1 Signal cable high society1. Why has the stock price fall despite the fact that the net income has increased? Ans The stock price for Signal Cable company could have fallen for a variety of reasons. Stock price is influenced by the performance of the company, investor expectations as head as general market/economic conditions. In the case of Signal, it is clear that the stock price felled seam despite an increase in the net income. This could be possibly because the company might have make incorrect investment decisions by investing in two manufacturing plants as well tying up more money in inventory. Shareholders may non be happy with this decision and consequently the pick out for the stock may have decreased causing a drop in price. In addition, the dividends offered by the firm has increased in 2004 from 0.187$ per share to 0.214$ per share. Once again, this could be indicative to the market of the company being uncertain of what to do with their resources and not having enough attractive investments to pursue. 2. How liquid would you say that this company is? Calculate the downright liquidity of the firm. How does it compare with the previous years liquidity position? Ans Short bourn solvency or the liquidity of a firm can be measured using the liquidity ratios.This is a measure of short term liquidity helping assess the sufficiency of on-going assets to meet current liabilities. The ratios include i) Current Ratio 2003= 2.50 2013= 2.06. The current ratio of the firm has decreased between the last 2 years. This is mainly driven by a huge increase in the inventory held by Signal Cable Company as well as an increase in the accounts receivables. This could be because creditors are not paying on or delays on the banking side. ii) Quick Ratio 2004= 0.608

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Reactants Lab Essay Example for Free

Reactants Lab EssayAspect 1 Problem What subject of chemical reactions occurs when different reactants are mixed?Variables Manipulated Combination of reactantsResponding case of chemical ReactionControlled 1. selfsame(prenominal) gist of reactants used (1 piece for solids, 4 drops for semi liquid states)2. Spot plate is washed before reactants are mixed3. Same amount of time fondness is everyowed for chemical reaction to occur (15s)4. Because data is qualitative, comments testament be make by the same mortal.Aspect 2 Controlling Variables The same amount of reactants being used will be controlled by using the same amount of reactants in each reaction (1 piece for solids, 4 drops for liquids). Spot plate will be washed before each chemical reaction (using the urine from the squeeze bottle) to ensure no residue is left from previous reaction.Observations will be made 15 seconds after the chemical raction. Time will be kept using a watch.The same person will make qualitat ive observations, to ensure that observations are kept consistent.Aspect 3 Materials Spot house Forceps Squeeze Bottle filled with water supply ToothpickList of ReactantsFig. 1.1ReactantChemical Formulaaluminum (s)Al (s) papal bull (II) chloride (aq)CuCl2 (aq)barium hydroxide (aq)Ba(OH)2 (aq)sulphuric acid (aq)H2SO4 (aq)chlorine (aq)Cl2 (aq)sodium bromide (aq)NaBr (aq)zinc (s)Zn (s) bulls eye (II) sulphate (aq)CuSO4 (aq)hydrochloric acid (aq)HCl (aq)atomic number 12 hydroxide (aq)Mg(OH)2 (aq) atomic number 20 chloride (aq)CaCl2 (aq)sodium carbonate (aq)Na2CO3 (aq)calcium (s)Ca (s)water (l)H2O (l)sodium acetate (aq)C2H3NaO2 (aq)magnesium (s)Mg (s)sodium hydroxide (aq)NaOH (aq)cobalt chloride (aq)CoCl2 (aq)List of Chemical ReactionsFig. 1.2Reactant 1Reactant 2sulphuric acid (aq)barium hydroxide (aq)hydrochloric acid (aq)magnesium hydroxide (aq)calcium (s)water (l)hydrochloric acid (aq)sodium acetate (aqzinc (s)copper (II) sulphate (aq)cobalt chloride (aq)sodium hydroxide (aq)magnesi um (s)hydrochloric acid (aq)sodium bromide (aq)chlorine (aq)aluminum (s)copper (II) chloride (aq)Procedure1. Wash space plate thoroughly with water from squeeze bottle.2. Choose a combination of reactants from Fig. 1.13. Write down somatic properties of reactants.4. Mix reactants. Record observations.5. Wash spot plate thoroughly, making sure reactants fall into a spoil bucket.6. Repeat steps 1-4 using all the other combinationsData Collection and Processing (DCP)Aspect 1 Observation Chart of Chemical ReactionsFig. 1.3Reactant 1Chemical FormulaReactant 2Chemical FormulaPr-reaction observationPost-reaction observationsulphuric acid (aq)H2SO4 (aq)barium hydroxide (aq)Ba(OH)2 (aq)Two logical liquidsMilky-white substance. Gas bubbles multifariousness.hydrochloric acid (aq)HCl (aq)magnesium hydroxide (aq)Mg(OH)2 (aq) aboveboard liquidsTransparent liquidhydrochloric acid (aq)HCl (aq)sodium acetate (aq)C2H3NaO2 (aq)Transparent liquidsTransparent liquidcalcium (s)Ca (s)water (l)H2O (l) Flaky-white solid, and transparent liquidCalcium dissolves a bit in water. A few gas bubbleszinc (s)Zn (s)copper (II) sulphate (aq)CuSO4 (aq)Grey rocky solid, with blue(a) liquidGas bubbles form on zinccobalt chloride (aq)CoCl2 (aq)magnesium hydroxide (aq)Mg(OH)2 (aq)Red liquid and clear liquidPinkish-purple substance. Gas bubbles formmagnesium (s)Mg (s)hydrochloric acid (aq)HCl (aq)Silver, lustrous metal and transparent liquidGas bubbles form on magnesiumsodium bromide (aq)NaBr (aq)chlorine (aq)Cl2 (aq)Transparent liquidsTransparent liquidaluminum (s)Al (s)copper (II) chloride (aq)CuCl2 (aq)Lustrous rock and blue liquidGas bubbles form on aluminumAspect 2 Processing DataChemical Reactants and Products Equations BalancedH2SO4(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) BaSO4(s) + 2HO2(l)(Double reserve Reaction)Mg(OH)2 (s) + 2 HCl (aq) MgCl2 (s) + 2H2O (l)(Neutralization Reaction)NaC2H3O2 (aq) + HCl (aq) HC2H3O2 (aq) + NaCl (aq) (Double heterotaxy Reaction)Ca (s) + 2HOH (l) Ca(OH)2 (aq) + H2(g)( hotsh ot Replacement Reaction)CuSO4 (aq) + Zn (s) ZnSO4 (aq) + Cu (s)(Single Replacement Reaction)CoCl2 (aq) + 2NaOH (aq) 2 NaCl (aq) + Co(OH)2 (aq)(Double Replacement Reaction)Mg (s) + 2HCl (aq) MgCl2 (aq) + H2 (s)(Single Replacement Reaction)Cl2 (aq) + 2NaBr (aq) 2NaCl (aq) + Br2 (l) (Single Replacement Reaction)2Al (s) + 3CuCl2 (aq) 2AlCl3 (aq) + 3Cu (s) (Single Replacement Reaction)Aspect 3 Reactants, Products, and Types of Reaction ChartReactant 1Reactant 2ProductType of ReactionH2SO4(aq)Ba(OH)2(aq)BaSO4(s) + HO2(l)Double ReplacementMg(OH)2 (s)HCl (aq)MgCl2 (s) + H2O (l)Neutralization ReactionNaC2H3O2 (aq)HCl (aq)HC2H3O2 (aq) + NaCl (aq)Double ReplacementCa (s)HOH (l)Ca(OH)2 (aq) + H2(g)Single ReplacementCuSO4 (aq)Zn (s)ZnSO4 (aq) + Cu (s)Single ReplacementCoCl2 (aq)NaOH (aqNaCl (aq) + Co(OH)2 (aq)Double ReplacementMg (s)HCl (aq)MgCl2 (aq) + H2 (s)Single ReplacementCl2 (aq)NaBr (aq)2NaCl (aq) + Br2 (l)Single ReplacementAl (s)CuCl2 (aq)AlCl3 (aq) + Cu (s)Single ReplacementConclusi on and Evaluation (CE)Aspect 1 Conclusion In this experiment we discovered three types of chemical reactions, Single and Double Replacement reactions, along with Neutralization Reaction. Referring to Data in Aspect 2 3 of Data Collection and Processing, we can identify there were 5 single replacement reactions, and 4 double replacement reactions (one of which was a neutralization reaction). The reactions involving an member and a compound were all single replacement reactions, and the reaction involving two compounds were double replacements (which included a neutralization reaction).Aspect 2 Evaluate the Procedure A problem with this procedure is that it doesnt explore all types of chemical reactions. Also, try as one may, it is sometimes difficult to get the residue of a substance off the spot plate. This tampers with results.Aspect 3 Improving Experimental Design A few more(prenominal) reactions should be added where simple composition and decomposition are shown. Also, using the Bunsen burner, a reaction should be added where hydrocarbon combustion is shown.Disposable spot plates should be used, to ensure that residue left by previous reactants and reactions, do not tamper with results.

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Understanding Cultural, Ethnic and Gender Differences by Managers and Professions Essay Example for Free

Understanding Cultural, Ethnic and Gender Differences by Managers and Professions EssayIt is nearly impossible to arrive a achievementful business without considering the important aspect of the cultural, heathen and gender differences among the employees. Culture refers to a set of beliefs that a certain group of raft have in common. In at least ein truth running(a) environment, it is more than obvious to have slew having dissimilar cultures, heathenities, and of course different genders (Carlozzi, 2004). In order to ensure that people work together and efficiently, it is highly wise for the managers and professionals to discover these diverse cultures (Carlozzi, 2004). Most countries have different cultures, and it is possible that in any given working environment, there are galore(postnominal) cultures that exist. It is therefore an apparent fact that there is a need in the discretion of cultural, ethnic and gender differences to ensure victory in businesses. Un derstanding cultural and ethnic differences at workplace can be termed as cultural diversity and not biasness as may be conceived by other critics. Cultural diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, education and background among others.Understanding cultural and ethnic differences does not only involve how people perceive themselves, but how they perceive others. What results is that those perceptions affect the way they interact with each other at the work place (Carlozzi, 2004). For many employees to perform effectively in an organization, managers and professionals in human pick need to deal effectively with issues related to communication and adaptability and change (Carlozzi, 2004). Communication is the nearly basic concept of success in any business environment.If it is not properly fostered by the managers to their employees, the success of the business may be at stake. This implies that the managers and human resource professionals, should take the initiative to understand the cultural values and ethnic differences so as to chouse how well to approach issues with the employees without collusion. From the look of things, the issue of understanding cultural differences is likely to increase significantly in the coming years. Managers and professionals in all those businesses that have succeeded have come to see the need in building an understanding of cultural differences in the work place.They are ready to spend even resources, if needs be, to manage cultural diversity. It is very beneficial in many ways, and most importantly, they help to create an understanding in the working environment. A business entitys success and competitiveness depends upon its capability to understand different cultures and ethnicities and realize the benefits involved. If a business organization actively assesses its intervention of workplace diversity issues, and develops and implements diversity plans, multiple benefits can be realized (Carlozzi, 2004).One benefit is the change magnitude adaptability of one another. Getting used to each other in a business environment is very vital in the success of the business. There pass on be free flow of information because people will be free to each other, and with perfect communication, issues will be approached in a favourable manner. Business organizations that embrace cultural diversity have the capacity to supply a greater frame of solutions to lines in service, sourcing, and allocation of resources.Employees from different backgrounds bring individual talents and expertise in suggesting of ideas that are flexible in adapting to fluctuating markets and the demands of the customers. With understanding of cultural differences and ethnicities, the business organization will have a broader service range, in terns of business delivery. The presence of different cultures in a business implies that there is a collection of skills and experiences in that particular business. This allows the enterprise to leave alone a service to customers on global basis.The managers and professionals in human resource department will give positions to employees with regards to capacities (Carlozzi, 2004). After understanding each individuals culture, they will know where and on what field someone is good at. This will make the business succeed because an employee will be given a position where he or she is likely to perform best. This will also minify job burnouts which greatly lower the performance of employees. The understanding of the cultural, ethnic and gender differences will enable managers to understand different view points that their employees possess.Different cultures in the work place possess different ideas, skills and experiences. In finding making process, different ideas will be suggested which will obviously find a solution to the problem at hand. This will only be achieved if there is cultural, gender and ethnic understanding by the managers. It will be better an d most comfortable to communicate varying points of view as it will provide a large pool of ideas and experiences (Carlozzi, 2004). The business organization can now draw from that pool to butt against the needs of its customers more effectively.In conclusion, it is wise to say that promoting cultural, ethnic and gender sensitivity in a business setting does not really mean promoting biasness in the business scenario as most people may try to argue. Instead, this clear understanding will take into account variations in the interactions of each employee to promote cooperation and communication in the business. Understanding the employees and trying to exploit their different potentials is a practice that can really benefit the business to grow to prosperity.

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Different Approaches to Romantic Poetry Essay Example for Free

Different Approaches to Romantic verse Essay1- IntroductionFor passion or profession, for hobby or obligation, for delight or duty, for this reason or another(prenominal), one takes his pen and devotes few minutes he steals from clip to trace expressive words on paper. I am among m some(prenominal), in ruptures about literature and this study day comes as a meretricious opportunity to show how much my fancy is caught and how far my love is increased when the heart excitingly trounce and the feeling increasingly grow, to ask the self to enjoy a travel by means of unadorned words along the path of contrastive ideas for the sake of a visit to some tell aparts of poetical sphere. Two enquiries draw our attention which approach to adopt to clear up an idea in attend about this or that line from a poem mostly sounding melodious nevertheless its devouring(a) is a difficult experience that represents a real challenge for most of us?, the second is that chiding with all its sc hools and theories is a helpful tool to manage in a way or another interpretation and then appreciation of the piece of poetry but does it with all its complexities dull the meaning, and obstruct some(prenominal) attempt to get it.If so, it gives a tedious attempt to elucidate clumsy verses and boththing that is unclear is involuntarily unlovable and of course unrewarding. 2- Poetry and CriticismIt is almost admitted that the poem is an elevated thought expressed in a beautiful way to rouse the emotion and mind of the reader, listener or the poet himself.However it is not usually easy to define a poem if you link any perception of it to Criticism Traditionalists for example do not recognize the talent of any poet unless he rat have the capacity to construe any particularity as universal, any specific to more general and any momentary to eternal alike he has to have the art to transmit the message of his poem intelligibly to others arousing by that their emotions and stirring u p their minds.Joseph Conrad once said that his task through the power of the written word is to make you hear, to make you feel, it is to a higher place all to make you see (Christopher Gillie 38) William Wordsworth from his part insists inpreface of Lyrical Ballads on poets to visualize life more than critics because it is the honourable characteristic of Poetry that its materials are to be found in all(prenominal) subject which grass interest the human mind. The evidence of his fact is to be sought, not in the literary productions of Critics, but in those of Poets themselves.On the other hand, Mathews Arnold disagrees with Wordsworth in the Function of Criticism at the Present cartridge clip (1865) when he says almost the last thing for which one would come to English literature is just that real thing which now Europe most desirescriticism The approach in this school focuses mostly on traditional elements such as diction, sound, mental imagery, rhetoric, rhythm, genre, sta nza, and sentence structure all form organic unity for ,aesthetic proposes and an mugwump entity sharing relationship with real life and poems may seem transcendental going beyond any expectations.Furthermore this approach insists that poetry is an aesthetic representation of life according to social needs because it is not a private pleasure since it induces in us a response up to the circumstances of the world Modernists quite exclude poetry from creation a representation of reality and that is out of social purpose and then detached from historical context because poems are only fiction and uncommon to what is exact and sensible.Henceforward, modernity did not develop traditional poetry but was instead characterized by a deviation from the norms, a rejection of the past, an anti realism using myth, a rejection of conventional plot and a support to individualism and intellectualism, and so writing poetry is cerebral than emotional and it is a work that is open ended and search es to pose questions rather than answering them. All of E.Pound Hugh Selwyn Mauberly and T.S.Eliot the waste Land, and W.StevensThirteen Ways of Looking at a Black hoot are good examples of these characteristics. carry modernists from their part gives vast importance to the reader response and only for him dissolve the final say of interpretation be referred, Walter Slatoff in his book with respect to readers thinks that no one can deny the effective existence of reader and reading even those who insist on the autonomy of the literary work. (R.Wellek/A.Warren145).Some views insist on good reading as a quality that has nothing ineluctably to do with something one writes or says or anything else one does apart from reading (G.Strickland6) Post modernists also ask that poems are complex but they create a pattern out of that chaos, that they are trivial and put off but clever pieces and original.Schools of CriticismThey are cited as follows Traditional it gives information about the writer and his time in order to broaden understanding and meaning. New Criticism it highlights the lyric, it detaches the poem from biography or floor and directly moves to compendium of diction, imagery, meaning of unfamiliar words Rhetorical it focuses the art of persuasion through different arguments, truth evidence.In order to understand the content with great appeal to the reader Stylistic great importance is given to the peculiarities of diction and imagery Metaphorical a deeper interest to metaphor as part of meaning Structuralist clarity is drawn from sociology and anthropology that represent important factors in a given participation Post structuralist evading organic unity and interdependence Myth theory it derives from Northrop Frye placing the poem to categories and sub categories up to the heros myth, fall, and enemies Freudian a sexual imagery is concerned, struggle for the superego.Oedipus complex Jungian recurring poetic images, symbols and imagery as related to patterns from life Historical historical context and data are concerned biographical the writers psychology and biographic data are concerned Sociological include society and social factors in a poem Political the different political movements the poet supports Marxist a political correctness .i.e. to valuate the poem according to the support for workers against capitalists exploitation Moralist to assess the poem according to religious convictions, tolerance and social justice Cognitive scientific relate poems to wag functioning, but its an approach that is still in its infancy.4- Practical Analysis to Shelleys Ode to the West device and Keatss Ode to a Nightingale in fact in spite of all the complexities of criticism it opens doors to untrusting different levels of meaning and significance and if we arte drifted towards confusion out of the many schools of criticism we are as soundly lucky to have them but selection of which approach to adopt should be mad e precise and hard-nosed and out of my experience in teaching poetry and sometimes writing it.I infer that being eclectic is is the best approach that may serve in agood way analysis of poems by incorporating several approaches in one article to better approach the poem for the sake of evidence, that can never be easy without truth evidence transmitted in a beautiful murderBibliograghy1- Matthew Arnold. The Function of Criticism at the Present Time, Essays in Criticism. London and Cambridge Macmillan and Co., 1865. Pp. 1-41. 2- C.Gillie. Movements in English Literature 1900-1940, huge Britain CUP, 1978 3- G.Strickland, Structuralism or criticism, New York CUP 1985 4- R.Wellek/A.Warren, Theory of Literature, Great Britain, 1978. 5- William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads, with a Few another(prenominal) Poems. London Printed for J. and A. Arch, 1798. Web Library.WWW.poets.orgEn.wikipedia.org