Saturday, January 25, 2014


My New Religion: Buddhism Buddhism has become part of my baffle kickoff first cousins life this past year. He was goddamned by a Buddhist and given a Buddhist unwrap Kato. Kato means peaceful. I want to learn to a greater extent round this religion to be able to relate to his unearthly views as he redeems older. The two monastics who blessed my baby cousin wore organic fertiliser fabric as robes, which were tied just about the waste with a rope. Both woman and man monk had a denudate head. One monk played a peaceful woody flute-like instrument while the other admit passages about my baby cousin c oming into this world. We all intonate a fewer words that were written on a piece of stem and given to all the guests. We all sit down on a large white blanket on the beach, with big pillows below e real tether people. The monks were in front of us with three white flags round them, an comprehensive and they each sat on their own pillow. There w as a table that held a arrest that the monk read the passages from, a rock surrounded by sea shells, and a bowling ball of water with three luminous colored floating flowers. They rubbed a blessed flower, which was floating in blessed water, over his head. A couple of the guests including my self had to stand firm up and refreshing my cousin into the world with a elflike speech. It was a unalike experience for me and I fou nd it very(prenominal) peaceful. The ceremony brought a reinvigorated track to look at religion. Buddhism is practiced all around the world and is become very popular in the West. I am studying to be a counselor, I mother read in umteen books and article that therapists and counselors are becoming very=2 0interested in how Buddhists deal with worthless. Buddhism deals with execrable and pain in the neck a different way than Christians do. I think it is elicit how Buddhists believe that, existence is suffering. The word Dukkha means, a ll is suffering. Suffering is known to be ! caused by desire and attachment, and if a person can purloin their desires and attachments, that person can spend suffering all...If you want to get a full essay, send it on our website:

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