Saturday, February 8, 2014

Digital Divide

The Digital Divide and Social Media Introduction The idea of tender media was introduced in the late 1970s with Usernets and BBSs (Bulletin menu Systems) and apace come abouted into the year 2000 with the current boom and everydayity of social networking and media sh atomic number 18-out sites. integrity preemptnot escape the modern world of Facebook friends, Youtube videos, Twitter updates, own(prenominal) Flickr photos and thousands upon thousands of sites to enshroud every hobby or interest that you qualification have. provided who is participating in todays digital progress of communication? Are we all one and the same when it comes partaking in social networking and media sharing? Based on recent determination we are not digital created compare. Ones knot and ethnicity are associated with use of social networking sites but in almost cases it is suggested that overleap of use is a direct correlation with the neediness of access. (Hargittai, 20 08) If this is indeed true, what is the underlying cause to this digital divide and the mildness to become involved in the world of social media? What is before long being doing the bridge this current gap and provide able opportunity? Statistics and Why The term digital divide can good be thought of as users and non-users in epoch of information technology. In foc employ on race and ethnicity, users, are more often than not, predominately white and middle-class versus lower-income minorities that make up the crew of non-users. A recent survey conducted focused on the habit and familiarity of six social network sites among a base of students. The polled population was familiar with a variety of SNS (social network sites), demo 78.8% using Facebook and 99.4% having heard of the site. Looking at the most popular SNS, Facebook, the percentages accordingly were divided into race and ethnicity. Native Americans showed the least custom at 1.1% and white, non- Hispanic the highest at 44.9%. Asian-Ameri! can ranked 31.9% and Hispanic and African-Americans showed a SNS...If you want to get a full essay, coif it on our website:

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