Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Transformation in Khanty Traditions and Religion in the 20th Century

This essay presents and discuss about changes in Khanty religious invigoration in the 20th century. The basis of my essay is Mark Soosaars ethnographical film รข€žFather Son and Holy Torum which I am analysing through early(a) ethnographical and analytical articles. Material I countenance choosed to comp are with each other is works from Estonian and Hungarian ethnologists like Art Leete, Anzori Barkalaja and Zoltan Nagy. The purpose of this essay is to introduce way changes and affects in traditional ethoses ca applyd by Western pietisms and customs. My kick is to name the main changes in Khantys religious life and to use that crumble to argue against Levi-Strausss thesis about carcass of customs. The Khanty (also go through as Ostyaks, especially by Russians) are a Finno-Ougric ethos inhabiting the catchment area of the river Ob in Western Siberia. They know mainly on hunting and fishing, north of the river Kazym, they also provide reindeer. The Khanti es were persecuted under the Soviet regime in the 1930s their children interpreted and put in boarding schools and their m either of their shamans were killed but immediately it is oil companies which jeopardize them. Oil exploitation on Khanty pull down is polluting their forests and sacred lakes, putting to death the reindeer and scaring off other game. The oil companies often jump out in without consulting the Khanty, or trick them with false promises of compensation. Many Khanty agree now been compel off their land and no eternal have any reindeer.They are reduced to living in National Villages apart from their ancestral hunting grounds, and have expire dependent on the administration and the oil companies for their survival. For the Khantys, the life and traditions have changed since oil was frame on their land. The translation of beliefs into action became elusive in the Soviet period, when the major ritual leaders, shamans, were persecuted and all religion was discouraged as superstition; a last bear cer! emony to service as an initiation was recorded in the 1930s....If you want to make out a full essay, order it on our website:

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