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Lunga Lunga is do of pure sesame seeds, calamay and peanuts. Unlike other sweets, lunga has advanced exact sweetness that ace will not substantially live on satiated. This product is just produced in Calbiga, Samar  Mamon Tostado Unlike the prevalent mamon which is known for its softness and tenderness, Mamon Tustado lives up to its name as initiation toasted and crunchy.  Mango Tart Mango tart is made of flour, simplyter, sugar, salt, eggs and of course ripe mangoes.   Moron Moron is the closely popular kickshaw in Leyte. In fact, it is always served during fiesta celebrations. Moron comes in favorites like the original & the java moron. Its main ingredients argon: embarrassing rice,coco milk,chocolate & preciselyter Nats banana tree Chips lay down of banana, sugar and oil colour  Nats Sweet Bucarillo Made of young coconut, white sugar, milk   pangat Pangat is a vegetable better served with rice and fish viand.This is kno wn to tagalog hatful as laing. This is one of the sought after food during merchandise fairs.   Pastillas Pastillas is a nutritious candy-sweet made of the freshest carabao milk and pili nuts. Carigara is the leading townsfolk that produces and exports this product. According to nearly producers, because pili is seasonal, sometimes the supply of pastillas is limited   Piaya Piaya is a delicacy manufacture by Carmens Cakes and Pastries in Ormoc City. It comes in 3 flavors: ube, mascubado and cinnamon  Roscas Roscas is a delicacy both of Carigara and Barugo. These two towns apply to just make this for family consumption & for fiesta celebrations, but now fashioning roscas is a livelihood to many women of Barugo and Carigara.  Rosquillos Rosquillos is a delicacy in Bato, Leyte fascinatingly shaped corrugatedly. supernumerary Pinyato Special piñato is heat up and sweetened rice with pinipig. This may expect similar to biti, but piñato and biti have their own characteristic tastes.Â!  Â  Suman Latik Suman latik is made of cooked sticky rice packaged in a plant...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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