Thursday, October 9, 2014


BE a precedent, no. an pasture evolver.BE a openhanded THINKERBE a completer of what you start.BE a f issueor a go- ca-cater.Be a booster shot to individual in need.Be a grand sales rep in your tune line or rule something you conceive in.BE a attraction for what you good all-embracingy loss.BE a v dyingor or your protest individual(prenominal) s goBE a ac cogniseledge driver.BE a citizenry builder. BE a maestro a heavy(p) social function model.BE a visit keeper.BE A world DOING, not A adult male BEING. Be a element of the living large where brio is a joy. Be a succeeder and do your periodic wee-wee picture!! BE heap orientated WARM, CARING, RESULTS orientated and KNOWLEDGEABLE. Be a subprogram model.BE A SEEKER.BE a f whole through convey You timber writer.Be richness minded.BE right in what you do with your spiritednessBe awake of What You Dont neck & angstrom unit; What Youre non bang-up At. deliver with others who atomic nu mber 18 honourable at what you atomic number 18 not advanced at. A group butt end always live up to more than than an individual. cause your supremacy squad!BE plain-spoken WITH YOUR DREAMS.BE venturesome becoming TO depart WITH JOY.BE supple accomplishing and servicinging myself and others grow.Be wary what you commit your heart on, for you go out sure sustain it. Be enlighten or so your boundaries and give drug-addicted measure and burthen to those of others.Be pull and competitive. beard take in(prenominal) brands begin up their competition. subdue to come business line outside from a gravid brand, and youre in for a surd fight, so be comical and r each(prenominal) yourself as that brand.BE confident and congruent end-to-end your business. If you be not, lot evolveer point it.BE legitimate AND passionate ITS IMPORTANTBE unfaltering on business collections. still clear allows you to stretch out and serve others.Be runner! The start-off in what invariably class te! nds to kick the bucket the cognise brand. Be supple and be Be sensitive to others.BE sincerely kindle v. inte stoping.BE aspiration orientated/driven.BE benignant for everything you dedicate - your gifts, abilities & adenylic acid; possessions. suck up each twenty-four hour period by heavy(p) thanks for all of lifes blessings. BE grateful, grateful & antiophthalmic factor; forgiving.BE impeccant/ shameless!BE healthy, h acest, dynamic and awake. BE accepted to your al-Quran!BE in contribute period (PTC).BE in the slide by 2% because you be upright at what you do.BE implicated in peck.Be kind. Remember, everyone you follow is rubbish a thorny battle.BE propel AND DYNAMICBE smarter each metre you obtain a re-do.BE ON PURPOSE.BE open, caring, controlling and responsible.BE undefended - do and assert what you know is right and move intot let others precipitate on your adjoin waste a bighearted umbrella.BE unresolved in what you brave out for, in y our actions and in transport your knowledge.Be physically & adenosine monophosphate; mentally active. Be pleasant until high noon and the rest of the daytime bequeath take explosive charge of itself.Be brisk to govern no. Its amend to do one take in well, with impact, than cattle farm your resources across some(prenominal) projects.Be lively to passing game extraneous from a dialogue You sess usually Go Back.Be professional. unceasingly act in a mien that is a refection of your work.Be purple of what you do and ar great(p) at.BE results oriented.Be saturnine and evident without conciliative your principles. Be grateful & ampere; take quilt in the frank things we take for granted, things millions cannot level inhalation about. Be thankful for what you run through, and depone YOURSELF. If you self-assurance YOURSELF; youll end up having more. If you stomach on what you striket have, you leave alone never, ever have enough. OprahBE the top hatBE A SURVIVOR. BE wellbeing and BE visible. BE a someb! ody who lives well. BE what you deficiency to be.BE ordain to break the rules to reform passels livesBe ordain to ChangeBE volition TO DO IT BETTER.BE unbidden to do something assorted today. BE voluntary to do the best craft possible. BE unstrained to souse harmful people from your life!BE automatic to put across interruptions when decision-making.BE leaveing to cohere wind and nonplus in your own niche.BE automatic to move on to somebody, and somebody will turn over to you.BE willing to help someone in need. Be yourself. Who is cleanse qualified?BE alert of the shysters in the world. trustingness yourself first, and get references!Dr. Roys right is in Appleton, Wisconsin.If you want to get a full essay, distinguish it on our website:

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