Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Computer Information Systems Brief Essay\r'

'The currently technology rest of Kudler finely Foods is lacking greatly. The current contain abilities ca function a set-back to the potentiality that the Kudler Company is capable of r distri stillivelying. Minimal shoppers argon reachable, survey preparation is period-consuming, and inventory control condition is not at its best. After identifying virtu all in ally of the downfalls of the current development trunk keep by the confederation, suggestions go out be offered that will assistant increase harvestivity as swell as node satis incidention. circulating(prenominal) System\r\nKudler Fine Foods appears currently to be a partially manual(a) company. much tasks that be performed as a manual transaction or entry could be handled through system mechanisation with the good computer hardwargon and package softw are point of intersection package. Various come-at-able set backs exist because of the lack of an machine-driven system. Manual record keeping sess be costly due to the time it takes to manually document and reproduce company selective information. The need to constantly reproduce data records for different reporting purposes takes time and manpower. another(prenominal) down-fall of the current manual system in place is the risk of human error.\r\n everyday errors include calculation mistakes and the transposing of figures. Upgrade Options A few options exist for converting from a manual to a computer based. The lower terminal of computer automation would be the use of a general purpose software application package. One moral would be Microsoft Office which is similar to the current package in place. This package includes word processing, spreadsheet, database attention presentation graphics, and personal information management. The last end would be application peculiar(prenominal) programming.\r\nThese programs are designed for the special(prenominal) purposes such as backing accounting, transaction processing, customer relationship management and resource readiness (O’Brien and Marakas, 2008). Still crimson more special would be custom software, prepared for the specific needs and desires of Kudler Foods. Benefits of System Conversion currently all major handicraft proceedings outside of customer sales and readying classes are handled by one individual. The fact that this one individual is responsible currently for three locations, with more to come soon, is an even greater reason to look toward to the full system automation.\r\nUsing the right software program will allow the activities of all three current locations as well as any future locations to pervade into one main database. Information collect into the one database merchant ship then be employ for analysis, comparison, and reporting purposes without the need to physically travel to the miscellaneous locations. at that place are also pecuniary and accounting benefits of wretched forward with system automati on. Accounting packages purchasable offer automate reporting of receivables, wagesable, expenses, and revenue. There is even a useful animate being of check printing, recording, and reconciliation.\r\nThrough computer interfacing with the fiscal institutions that Kudler maintains its financial accounts reconciling information can be transmitted electronically via specify cyberspace connections. The use of account and crossroad codes would be an asset to the inventory capabilities of an automated system. Sales and other transactions of each individual store location would apply a unique identifier code. Merchandise that is supplied by each location would oblige product codes. Each determined area of the locations would extradite and identifying department code, for example meat, produce, bakery, etc.\r\n information collection using the various options of secret writing allow the system to collectively report any pertinent information, or by the piece report according to location, department, item, and so off as defined by Kudler Fine Foods. An added benefit of computer hardware and software is mass communication capabilities both internally and externally. The use of groupware allows communicating to one or several individuals without the use of paper, pens, postage or other office supplies. Memorandums, spreadsheets, and other livelihood can be distributed through email, so cutting office supply be and information delivery time.\r\nOne example of groupware is Microsoft Outlook. Through the use of the internet information is electronically transmitted to various condition locations and users. Using the internet for almost business transactions would allow for product orders and advertising. earnings marketing and advertising allows Kudler to reach a far greater population than topical anaesthetic advertising such as coach ads. In addition to above mentioned incentives, internet usage for business would open the admittance for e-commerce. E -commerce gives potential customers outside of the normal unprompted radius gateway to products of Kudler Fine Foods.\r\nCustomers would have the ability to shop via the web, select items of choice, and pay for the merchandise prior to Kudler shipping the product to a customer specified location. executable Threats of Conversion The use of the internet is a great tool. Some benefits were previously mentioned, but in that respect are also some threats. Threats such as viruses, spyware, sniffing, malware and several more exist whenever the internet is employ. Each of the threats mentioned is an attack on the security of the company. There are various defenses that can be used to safeguard against these threats.\r\nIn conjunction with alteration employee access to the internet, other defenses include firewalls, aggression detection systems, value-added networks and proxy servers (Bagranoff, 2008). These defense mechanisms help to fight off unwanted attacks and self-appointed a ccess to company data. earnest Defenses Security threats can be internal as well as external. This being noted, there are also database management system software. This technology can be used for development, access, and maintenance of the database of Kudler (O’Brien and Marakas, 2008).\r\nMore specifically this flake of software can specify what personnel department have access to specific locations within the computer system. It can determine if the access granted is read only or if the specified end-user has update capabilities. Conclusion In conclusion there are various options available to Kudler Fine Foods for the advancement of its business and accounting procedures. Evolving to a more expert computer programming system opens the room access to more proficient record keeping, more cost effective communications and financial reporting, and business expansion.\r\nPotential security threats exist, as with all types of systems, whether it’s manual, semi-automat ed or wholly high tech automation. There are tools available that make securing data incisively as strong a mash as the posed threats. Kudler’s purpose to move forward with total automation would increase time management, information accuracy, consumer population, and customer service.\r\n'

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