Tuesday, May 28, 2019

correctional officer Essay -- essays papers

correctional officerCAREER RESEARCH REPORTThe career I have chosen to engage after graduation is a Correctional Officer.Correctional Officers have been around for a very long time and were designed to clasp major offenders off the street after they have been arrested by the Police. The offenders are put in a holding cell at a Pre ladder Centre awaiting their court date. Correctional Officers are a very important part of the Justice System because it keeps high profile criminals off the street and locked up even before they are proven innocent or guilty. The Correctional Facility in many ways is a lot like a jail, from what I saw when I toured the new Pre Trial Centre in Port Coquitlam. There are large thick metal doors to lock them in at night. Each cell contains a small bed, a desk and shelf, a sink and a toilet. The one thing I found interesting was at the new Pre Trial Facility in Port Coquitlam each cell had a window, which I thought was a little too much for criminals yet I guess they are innocent until proven guilty. As this is a NEW facility and it has some nicer things than the older centres.A typical day for a Correctional Officer would be the preparing of inmates for court appearances. They also receive new inmates to the facility brought in by the Sheriffs Department. Each new inmate must be photographed and fingerprinted upon immediate arrival to the Pre Trial Centre. They are then stripped and fully searched inside and out. With that ...

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